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The Metal Asylum Playlist: 7/21/12

Sunday, July 22

I’m back in SF, and that means I get to jam my metal LIVE in the studio again. Although pre-recording the shows from Austin has been fun (thanks, Mr. Evan Dunivan, for your production mastery), there’s nothing like being in front of a live mic to catch all the “ums” and “uhs” that I am so prone to mumble. Live radio, it’s a wondrous thing.

I started out the set today with some thrashy, dirty, retro tunes, then transitioned into some Black Metal, and ended on a moody note with some slow dirges. I was pleased as punch to dedicate songs to two of my awesomest listeners, Alison and Celisse, and to provide some tidbits of Babylonian theology.

Here’s the playlist:

1. Witchtrap | Damned to the Core | Vengeance Is My Name
2. Testament | Envy Life | Practice What You Preach
3. Slayer | Overt Enemy | Diabolus In Musica
4. HELLYEAH | Why Does It Always | Band of Brothers
5. Evile | Xaraya | Five Serpent’s Teeth
6. Onslaught | Thrash Till the Death | The Force
7. Demiricous | Acid Lung | Two (Poverty)
8. Speedwolf | The Reaper | Ride With Death
9. Death Angel | Death of the Meek | Relentless Retribution
10. The Contortionist | Dreaming Schematics | Intrinsic
11. Crowbar | December’s Spawn | Odd Fellows Rest
12. Wolvhammer | Shadowhorn | The Obsidian Plains
13. Kadavar | Goddess of Dawn | S/T
14. Danava | By The Mark | S/T
15. Pallbearer | Devoid of Redemption | Sorrow and Extinction
16. Marduk | World of Blades | Serpent Sermon
17. Krallice | Cnestorial | Krallice – EP
18. Emperor | The Acclamation Of Bonds | Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
19. Old Man Gloom | Regain/Rejoin | No
20. Loss | An Ill Body Seats My Sinking Sight |Despond
21. Isis | Collapse And Crush | Celestial

Listen here:


xo Jody

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