Thoughts Of A Common Man Radio

Thoughts of a Common Man Radio! – 1st day at our new station!

Tuesday, November 1

toacm-valencia-post-jpg2First day airing on our NEW station! “The Chief” Charles Williams talks about what to expect in upcoming shows and touches on a myriad of subjects. With the absence of co-host “Eyez”, Gina “The Producer” joins in to give “The Chief” a hard time. Lol! Just a good time on the first day with the some good music between segments. We’d love for you to tune-in every Tuesday when we are truly in radio mode with lots of great guests. Fun and informative talk radio!




Songs Played During The Show:

The Moment – Boney James

Feels Alright – Polygraphia

Stay Sane – SRNO

Nothing Less – Matt Woods

Steady – J.O.Y

Silouette – Leo Kalyan

Ain’t a Thang – Oliver Nelson



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