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Wax! Crackle! Pop! #62: Gil Ray and Alison Levy Gets Loud, Remembers Scott Miller

Monday, April 20


Gil Ray (Game Theory, Loud Family) and Alison Faith Levy (Loud Family, The Sippy Cups) have been performing solo and in bands, based in the Bay Area (and beyond), for decades now. A big chapter of their musical lives include playing with the revered and largely influential singer/songwriter Scott Miller. Scott had passed away unexpectedly 2 years ago on April 15. Here we pay tribute to Scott, share stories and connect the dots musically with just some of the artists that make up this rich family tree Gil, Alison and Scott are a part of.



I’ve Tried Subtlety by Game Theory from The Big Shot Chronicles (1986)
Forget All About It by Nazz from Nazz Nazz (1969)
Years Of Long Impressions by The Loud Family from Attractive Nuisance (2000)
And The Sons Of Baskerville by The Happy Eggs from Wake Up 7″ EP (1981)

Last Day That We’re Young by Game Theory from Lolita Nation (1987)
Rosy Drive by The Loud Family from Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things (1993)
Remake Remodel by Roxy Music from Roxy Music (1972)
Ultraviolet by Fade To Black from Corridors Revisited (1984/2011)
Regenisraen by Game Theory from The Big Shot Chronicles (1986)

Maryland Avenue Freakout by Gil Ray from I Am Atomic Man (2006)
TLC by Alison Faith Levy from The Start of Things (2015)
Waltz the Halls Always by Game Theory from Real Nighttime (1985)
Throwing The Election by Game Theory from Two Steps From The Middle Ages (1988)
Way Too Helpful by The Loud Family from Days For Days (1998)
The Story In Your Eyes by the Moody Blues from 45 single (1971)

Shelly’s Boyfriend by The Punts from 45 single (1981)
Here It Is Tomorrow by Game Theory from The Big Shot Chronicles (1986)


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