Wax! Crackle! Pop!

Wax! Crackle! Pop! #68: Tina Lucchesi! She’s So Tuff

Monday, June 15


Folks, we’ve got a San Francisco living legend in the hot seat for this one. The Bay Area has produced some of the most livliest and raunchiest rock n roll for decades now. The “budget” punk rock scene here that emerged out of the late 80’s is among the most influential worldwide and if a single lady were appointed Queen of such a scene, Tina “Boom Boom” Lucchesi would undoubtedly be it. Playing in a zillion bands over the last 20+ years that include The Trashwomen, The Glamour Pussies, Top Ten, The Bobbyteens and most recently Cyclops, Tina rules it pretty hard. And let’s not forget subscribing to the true DIY aesthetic of running her own label, making records, t-shirts, countless flyers and all the thankless long hours that go into that. She is also owner of the hip hair salon and vintage clothing store Down At LuLu’s in Oakland! Listen how Tina does it all right here.



Rock N Roll Show by The Bobbyteens from 7″ single (1999)
Dragula by The Trashwomen from Lust 7″ EP (1992)
Jerkin’ It To The Trashwomen by The Wongs from Get Away Ep (1996)
She’s So Tuff by Tina and the Total Babes from She’s So Tuff (2001)
Eyeball/Lost Eye by Cyclops from 7″ Eyeball EP (2014)

Record Shop by Bitchschool from Bitchschool 7″ EP (1998)
Bored Bored Bored/Flip Out by Loli & The Chones from PS We Hate You (1997)
Gold Digger by The Glamour Pussies from 7″ EP (2002)
Normal by The Petticoats from Normal 7″ EP (1980)
Tell That Girl To Shut Up by Holly & The Italians from 7″ single (1979)
Leather Jackets In The Heat by Piss Test from 7″ EP (2014)
Gin by Quaaludes from Nothing New 7″ EP (2014)

Follow The Trend by The Cichlids from Be True To Your School (1980)
Shoot the Groopie by Spoiled Brats from VS. Buttafuoco 7″ EP (1994)
Sex and Drugs by Deadly Weapons from Get Right In There (2004)
I Don’t Wash My Hands by The Triggers from Shoot Your Mouth Off (2003)
Fast and Frightning by L7 from Smell the Magic (1990)
Never Get Enough by Top Ten from 7″ EP (2005)
At First Sight by The Stems from 7″ single (1987)

Down At The Rock N Roll Club by Richard Hell and The Voidoids from Blank Generation (1977)
Deuce by Redd Kross from Teen Babes From Monsanto (1984)
Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) by The Rolling Stones from Goats Head Soup (1973)
Alone In My Room by Dwight Twilley from Twilley (1979)
Oh Oh I Love Her So by Ramones from It’s Alive (1977/1979)

One Eye/Eyetro by Cyclops from Escape From Cyclops Island (2014)


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