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Wax! Crackle! Pop! #78: B Sides the Point! Number Six!

Monday, September 28


We here at W!C!P! are all about records. We like all kinds but, there’s something real special about the beloved 7″ or “45”. Back in the day, artists depended on singles to achieve their way to the top of the charts and later on independent artists relied on the 7″ format to sell at shows (inexpensively) to get their music into our hot little hands.

Every 7″ record has an “A” side that usually contains the “hit” or a song the artist obviously wants you to experience first. But sometimes on the “B” side is where things get interesting. Either labeled as “throwaways” or experimental recordings for particular artists, these tracks would sometimes become a hit themselves or be found deep on an album buried between other non hit songs; OR the assigned “B” side track just remained an orphan of sorts, existing solely beneath “A” territory.

Wax! Crackle! Pop! proudly presents a series, every blood moon (or so), where we exclusively investigate the other side, flipping it all over and that’s B SIDES THE POINT. Vinyl geek, B side enthusiasts John Seden and John Everett are regular guests! Be sure to check out the previous FIVE B Sides shows too!

This episode we feature a few 78’s for our 78th show! Listen:



That’s What I Want To Know by James Carr from 45 single (1966)
Where Were You by Freddie Scott from 45 single (1966)
Them Terrible Boots by The Orlons from 45 single (1963)
There’s A Train Leavin’ by Quincy Jones from 45 single (1978)
All Night Worker by Rufus Thomas from 45 single (1964)

Phantom Black Snake by Washboard Sam & His Washboard Band from 78 shellac 10″ (1938)
She’s Ready To Be Free by Clear Light from 45 single (1967)
Slide, Hamp, Slide by Lionel Hampton from 78 shellac 10″ (1945)
Ma-Ma-Ma Belle by ELO from 45 single (1973)
Hard Road by Deep Purple from 45 single (1968)
Haunted Castle by The Kingsmen from 45 single (1963)

No Place Like Home by The Neighborhoods from 7″ single (1979)
Max Ernst by Mission Of Burma from 7″ single (1980)
Penetration In The Centerfold by Devo from 7″ single (1979)
My Boyfriend by Suburban Lawns from 7″ single (1979)
Gimmie the Car by Violent Femmes from 7″ single (1983)

The Lonely One by Tom Jones from 45 single (1967)
Chicken by Phil McClean from 45 single (1961)
Moose Trot by Harlow Wilcox and the Oakies from 45 single (1969)
The Chase by Sheb Wooley from 45 single (1958)
Undecided by Jim Stafford from 45 single (1974)

The Last of the Secret Agents? by Nancy Sinatra from 45 single (1966)
Tokyo Boogie Woogie by Shizuko Kasagi from 78 shellac 10″ (1946)
Chocolate by Mickey and the Soul Generation from 45 single (1969)
Honey, Don’t! by Carl Perkins from 78 shellac 10″ (1956)
A-Bone by The Trashmen from 45 single (1964)
Electronic Boogie by Margie Meinert from 45 single (1955)

Where Have All The Good Times Gone? by The Kinks from 45 single (1965)
Have You Dug His Scene? by Yaphet Kotto from 45 single (1967)


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