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January 1, 2014 8:00pm
It's 30 days until the Lunar New Year, which means that it's high time to figure out which Assyrian demon you'll pray to in 2014! Why not Pazuzu, son of Hanpa, king of the evil spirits of the air which issues violently from mountains, causing much havoc? On the first FINAL BROADCAST of Pazuzu era of NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND, starting at the super-special time of 8pm, Karen Carpenter, Bob-Marc, and Sherilyn Connelly (with lesser fiends KrOB and/or Puzzling Evidence) will choose Pazuzu for all their demoniac needs. And remember, it's either him or Obamacare.

NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND: The Low Power of Community Radio compels you.

Chatroom History
January 1, 2014 8:00pm - 3:30am

Alan B. : I have to walk the dog, (8:09pm)
Alan B. : Joe Isuzu? (8:10pm)
Alan B. : Pazuzu, Isuzu, Hassenphepper Incorporated. (8:13pm)
Alan B. : Radio runs backwards south of the equator. (8:14pm)
Alan B. : I blame it on the Bossanova. (8:44pm)
Alan B. : LOL (8:45pm)
Alan B. : As ever. (8:45pm)
Alan B. : 8 a.m., damn my eyes. (8:45pm)
Alan B. : No Sherlock spoilers tonight? (8:47pm)
Alan B. : Not sex positive. (8:50pm)
Alan B. : In Assyrian and Babylonian mythology, Pazuzu (sometimes Fazuzu or Pazuza) was the king of the demons of the wind, and son of the god Hanbi. He also represented the southwestern wind, the bearer of storms and drought. (8:50pm)
Alan B. : Although Pazuzu is, himself, an evil spirit, he drives away other evil spirits, therefore protecting humans against plagues and misfortunes. (8:51pm)
Alan B. : He is described therein as "Lord of all fevers and plagues, grinning Dark Angel of the Four Wings, horned, with rotting genitalia," and as the "brother of HUMAWAW." (8:52pm)
Alan B. : MWOWM (8:53pm)
Alan B. : Pazuzu is a gargoyle who Professor Farnsworth owned and put through college. Pazuzu escaped and due to Farnsworth's senility he could not be found. However it is later revealed that he was hiding on a wing of the Planet Express ship and when Farnsworth was drowning in the Fountain of Aging, Pazuzu saved him and in reward Farnsworth granted him freedom. (8:54pm)
Alan B. : And zhat, little one, is how papa gained his freedom. Now, bonne nuit, bonne nuit to you all. (8:55pm)
Alan B. : Repossessed is a 1990 comedy film that belatedly spoofs the 1973 horror film The Exorcist. It was written and directed by Bob Logan. The film features the original star of The Exorcist, Linda Blair, as well as Leslie Nielsen and Anthony Starke. (8:56pm)
Alan B. : The film received mostly negative reviews. (8:57pm)
Alan B. : Exorcist parodies: (8:58pm)
Alan B. : The true obscenity appears! That mean old man Pete Goldie is hurting us with that vocoder! (8:59pm)
Alan B. : Marvel Universe Wiki: Pazuzu (9:02pm)
Alan B. : (9:02pm)
Alan B. : Academic paper on Pazuzu: (9:04pm)
Alan B. : You are all too kind. (9:05pm)
Alan B. : I only made it though because of NHLG. (9:05pm)
Alan B. : Where the white women at? (9:07pm)
Alan B. : Speaking of ancient atrocities. . . (9:10pm)
Alan B. : Pazuzu represents balance and perception and, because he possesses the knowledge of both heaven and hells, a force that can both bless and kill. (9:11pm)
Sherilyn: Up for a Louvre trip, Alan? (9:11pm)
Alan B. : Alexander George "Alex" Karras (July 15, 1935 %u2013 October 10, 2012), nicknamed "The Mad Duck" (9:12pm)
Alan B. : I like, Sherilyn! (9:13pm)
Alan B. : Paid? You don't get paid! You work on commission, that's better than getting paid! (9:14pm)
Alan B. : Only an asshole gets killed for a car. (9:14pm)
Alan B. : "As an actor, Karras is noted for his role as Mongo in the 1974 comedy film Blazing Saddles," ... (9:16pm)
Alan B. : also starring . . . Clevon Little! (9:17pm)
Alan B. : Karras was drafted in the first round of the NFL draft by the Detroit Lions in 1958. (9:18pm)
Alan B. : Will there be cheese cookies? (9:18pm)
Alan B. : LEAVE HAL ALONE!! (9:19pm)
Alan B. : He can't get the door code, the FBI's closed for the holiday. (9:19pm)
Alan B. : In his later years, Karras suffered several serious health problems, including dementia, heart disease, and cancer. (9:20pm)
Alan B. : "I am Pazuzu, son of Hanpa, king of the evil spirits of the air which issues violently from mountains, causing much havoc." (9:21pm)
Alan B. : Karras did not earn a football letter for the 1955 season. (9:22pm)
Alan B. : After Blazing Saddles, Little appeared in many less successful films, such as Greased Lightning, FM, High Risk, Scavenger Hunt, Jimmy the Kid, Surf II and Toy Soldiers. (9:23pm)
Sherilyn: And Fletch Lives! (9:24pm)
Alan B. : Modern students of the occult know Pazuzu as a member of the vanguard of Shaitan-Set and pursue the Path of Pazuzu to slake a thirst for wisdom and to aid in independent growth along the Left Hand way. (9:26pm)
Alan B. : The film leads us to believe that he is the possessing culprit, but this is really incongruous to Pazuzu%u2019s nature as a protector of those who know him and call upon him to avenge injustices in their lives. (9:26pm)
Alan B. : During his exile, Karras returned to pro wrestling, taking on such memorable characters as Dick the Bruiser (9:27pm)
Alan B. : Oh, how I wish there were more than a brief trailer online: Exorcistic "An Exorcist Rock Musical Parody" (9:32pm)
Alan B. : Karras' sophomore year with Iowa in 1955 got off to a rocky start when he showed up for practice twenty pounds overweight. (9:36pm)
Alan B. : Karras died in the morning hours of October 10 from complications caused by kidney failure. (9:37pm)
Alan B. : "Pazuzu, Lord of Fevers and Plagues, Dark Angel of the Four Winds with rotting genitals from which he howls through sharpened teeth over stricken cities%u2026." William S. Burroughs, Cities of the Red Night (9:37pm)
Alan B. : Is this the part where Hal and Puzzling watch TV? (9:39pm)
Alan B. : Smoked fish. (9:43pm)
Alan B. : (9:43pm)
Alan B. : LA Stage Times Features -- It Isn%u2019t The Exorcist, But It%u2019s Exorcistic (9:43pm)
Alan B. : After first threatening to retire rather than give it up, Karras admitted placing bets on NFL games and was suspended by the league, along with Green Bay Packers' running back Paul Hornung, for one season (1963). (9:45pm)
Alan B. : MAD: THE ECCHORCIST (9:47pm)
Alan B. : I'll just kill myself, how about that? (9:54pm)
Alan B. : What the hell does an asteroid have to do with Alex Karras?! (9:59pm)
Alan B. : Pazuzu on the moon. (10:00pm)
Karen Carpenter: coming coming (10:09pm)
Alan B. : You can't fool me. That's Puzzling Evidence. (10:10pm)
Alan B. : I feel funny around Linda Blair because not only did she agree to do Born Innocent, but they put it on network TV: (10:14pm)
Alan B. : No, not gonna link the broomstick rape. (10:14pm)
Sherilyn: That's not her fault! Stop blaming the victim! (10:14pm)
Alan B. : I agree. Poor Linda. (10:15pm)
Sherilyn: Pazuzu sings! (10:22pm)
Alan B. : I can't call in, I'm dead. (10:26pm)
Alan B. : You might have to register at the police station. (10:27pm)
Alan B. : Pazuzu really is singing! Backup! (10:28pm)
Sherilyn: The song title, no less! (10:29pm)
Alan B. : And Terry Gilliam needs a royalty check. (10:29pm)
Alan B. : Dedication to Pazuzu: (10:33pm)
Alan B. : Keep calm: (10:34pm)
Alan B. : Pazuzu is super effective: (10:35pm)
Alan B. : Pazuzu gets all the chicks: (10:36pm)
Alan B. : Tony Silvester: Pazuzu (disco) (10:39pm)
Alan B. : Karras was called an "iron man" since he missed only one game due to injury in his 12 NFL seasons and his 161 games played are the 15th most in Lions history. (10:41pm)
Alan B. : Hi, Hal! (10:41pm)
Alan B. : WWV (10:46pm)
Alan B. : The boundaries of the early land of Chaldea are not identified with precision by historians. (10:48pm)
Alan B. : The homeland of the Semitic Chaldean people was in the far south east of Mesopotamia. (10:48pm)
Alan B. : This Demon God of the South West Wind represents one of the earliest personifications of the %u201Cdevil%u201D in the Persian pantheon, and his influence is considered both baneful and beneficent, depending upon one%u2019s relationship with him. (10:51pm)
Alan B. : Pazuzu represents balance and perception and, because he possesses the knowledge of both heaven and hells, a force that can both bless and kill. (10:52pm)
Alan B. : hough conquerors, the Chaldeans were rapidly and completely assimilated into the dominant Semitic Akkadian Babylonian culture, as the Amorites before them had been, and after the fall of Babylon in 539 BC the term "Chaldean" was no longer used to describe a specific ethnicity, but rather a socio-economic class. (10:57pm)
Alan B. : I loved that book. But it was pretty darn literal. (11:02pm)
Alan B. : Crumb loves Jews. (11:04pm)
Alan B. : R. Crumb is a freakish libertine. (11:05pm)
Alan B. : He also spends a lot of time speaking French. (11:06pm)
Alan B. : I dream of meeting him but I am certain that it would be a disappointing experience. (11:06pm)
Alan B. : Like me, R. Crumb has a bridge on his front teeth. (11:07pm)
Reptilian Overlord: ayiayiayiayiayiayiayi (11:12pm)
Alan B. : Karras did not enjoy his trip to the Rose Bowl. (11:18pm)
Alan B. : Dads are always assholes in US culture. (11:19pm)
Alan B. : LOLOLOLOLOL (11:19pm)
Alan B. : AOL is huring me! (11:20pm)
Alan B. : A Chaos-demon who lusts after the flesh of humankind, Pazuzu will nonetheless often exercise his power on behalf of those whom he sees as victims of injustice and calumny. (11:21pm)
Alan B. : I pray for a world where Dr. Hal voices Skeletor. (11:24pm)
Alan B. : Unless you illegally download it from a torrent and have already seen it. (11:26pm)
Alan B. : "...Mongo only pawn in game of life." (11:27pm)
vj pussycat: happy new year y'all! what'd I miss? (11:27pm)
Reptilian Overlord: the end of time (11:28pm)
Alan B. : Hello, there! Pazuzu, Joe Izusu, and R. Crumb drawing multiple Jews. (11:28pm)
Reptilian Overlord: So- the Gland has Hal now? (11:29pm)
Alan B. : Yes, his standing Wednesday dinner-date has been moveed. Please adjust your Google Calendar. (11:30pm)
Reptilian Overlord: The Nose Hair Lint Gland Vortex is swallowing all (11:30pm)
Reptilian Overlord: funny how the show info still has Dr. Fiasco - that guy is dead and gone (11:31pm)
vj pussycat: I hung out with dr fiasco tonight (11:31pm)
Reptilian Overlord: I made him leave (11:31pm)
Reptilian Overlord: oops thhat was a secret (11:32pm)
Alan B. : There are no secrets on NOSE HAIR LINT GLAND. (11:32pm)
vj pussycat: And mrs doctor fiasco and baby fiasco (11:33pm)
Reptilian Overlord: Where is Dougling Wellvedence? (11:33pm)
Reptilian Overlord: The pyramids in China are screaming at the world, andno one is listening (11:34pm)
Alan B. : We need the news from Guam. (11:35pm)
Reptilian Overlord: they even try to grow trees on them to help bury the truth (11:35pm)
Alan B. : Pete wants to go low-power mad. (11:36pm)
vj pussycat: and I was talking about sherilyn - were your ears burning? (11:38pm)
Dr. Penny: Oooo, feast of the vampire leprechauns! (11:40pm)
Alan B. : Tubular bells! My parents had a quad 8-track from the cutout bin! (11:40pm)
Alan B. : Dr. Penny! RO! This is a goddamn party! (11:40pm)
Sherilyn: Sure, why not? (11:41pm)
vj pussycat: woo hoo (11:41pm)
Alan B. : Not to mention the anti-vulture propaganda in The Jungle Book, where they had Liverpudlian accents. (11:43pm)
vj pussycat: maybe the kangaroo ate your baby (11:43pm)
Alan B. : We refuse to leave. Make us, ya bullies! (11:45pm)
Alan B. : I loved how Spock would listen to the direct digital output from the computer, because he was just that cool. (11:47pm)
Alan B. : Okay, I give. G'nite, chatroom! G'nite, show! (11:48pm)
vj pussycat: nighty night alan b (11:50pm)
Reptilian Overlord: g-night (11:50pm)
Reptilian Overlord: lol Krob (11:50pm)
Reptilian Overlord: radio is best in bed (11:51pm)
vj pussycat: I just got here (11:52pm)
Reptilian Overlord: you said "here" lol (11:54pm)
vj pussycat: where (11:55pm)
vj pussycat: what's the number (11:58pm)
Reptilian Overlord: gotta have the wilhelm scream (12:01am)
Reptilian Overlord: tickle my brain (12:05am)
vj pussycat: dropped call? (12:06am)
Reptilian Overlord: agreed Pete- well put (12:07am)
Reptilian Overlord: buy the ticket- take the ride (12:08am)
Reptilian Overlord: lol fuckin Krob (12:12am)
Reptilian Overlord: lol (12:13am)
vj pussycat: that is awesome (12:14am)
vj pussycat: ronnie (12:14am)
Reptilian Overlord: Ride the tiga! (12:14am)
vj pussycat: for some reason he's not as funny as Brian Johnson (12:14am)
Reptilian Overlord: these are so great (12:16am)
vj pussycat: you're killin us! pyromania (12:19am)
Reptilian Overlord: c-c-c-c- cocaine baby (12:20am)
Dr. Penny: The gland is activated. (12:20am)
Reptilian Overlord: c-c-c-c ok c-c-c im sorry (12:20am)
Reptilian Overlord: rofl (12:21am)
Reptilian Overlord: love it (12:31am)
Reptilian Overlord: its a lifestyle baby (1:02am)
Reptilian Overlord: glad you guys are still on (1:23am)
Reptilian Overlord: goodnight sweet princes (1:41am)

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