So. Cal. Trippin'
October 17, 2022 4:00pm


Bos Veranda
So. Cal. Trippin'
Played some songs about my So. Cal trip, plus a bunch of new funk, soul, and some more experimental tunes too. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

4:02pm: This Old Heart Of Mine by The Isley Bothers

4:04pm: Root Down (And Get It) - Live by Jimmy Smith

4:18pm: In God's Country by U2

4:21pm: Look To The Sky by Emily Remler

4:26pm: Lonely Stranger - Live by Eric Clapton

4:31pm: Subdivisions - Live by Rush

4:37pm: Memories Can't Wait by Living Colour

4:43pm: Bubblehouse by Madeski Martin and Wood

4:48pm: Something's Missing by The Mighty Mocambos

4:50pm: All Your Love by Angels Of Libra

4:55pm: Souvenir by Morphine

4:59pm: Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise by Emily Remler

5:07pm: Black Out Days by Phantogram

5:11pm: Dead Weight by Naked Cameo

5:14pm: Everything She Wants by The Egyptian Lover

5:20pm: The Land Of Competition by Bad Religion

5:22pm: Where Do All My Friends Go by Oingo Boingo

5:28pm: Skin Trade by Duran Duran

5:34pm: Veteran Of The Psychic Wars by Blue Oyster Cult

5:38pm: The Freeze by Rush

5:45pm: Escape A La Stang by Hotmandu

5:49pm: Monkey Businessman by Michael Manring

5:54pm: Old Money by Lana Del Rey

5:58pm: In The Waiting Line by Zero 7

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