A fly-by-night wild card of a radio broadcast which can range from free-form music program to artist tribute/spotlight to insufferable four-hour experimental sound collage... Now You Hear It, Now You Don't!
No Such Program 2.9
May 15, 2012 12:00am


No Such Program
No Such Program 2.9


Comus - Out Of The Coma - Out Of The Coma
Lothar And The Hand People - Space Hymn - Space Hymn (The Complete Capitol Recordings)
Robert Turman - Freedom From Fear / Deadkingspeak - Way Down
23 Degrees - Dissolving Essence Of Dub (Last Laboratory Edit) - An Endless Searching For Substance
Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man - Donovan's Greatest Hits
Lothar And The Hand People - It Comes On Anyhow - Presenting Lothar And The Hand People
Martin Mull - Billy One Eye - Martin Mull And His Fabulous Furniture In Your Living Room
Robert Turman - Track 01 (Untitled) - Flux
Pixyblink - Farewell Unkind World - Unreleased
The Shop Assistants - After Dark - Will Anything Happen
The Shangri-Las - I Can Never Go Home Anymore - Myrmidons Of Melodrama
Comus - The Sacrifice - Out Of The Coma
Emerson, Leak And Plumber - Take A Poodle (Remix) - Welcome Back You Schmucks To The Show That Really Sucks
The Shop Assistants - Somewhere In China - Will Anything Happen
23 Degrees - Land Of Jasmine - Born Of Earth's Torments
Voltage Controlled - Exp-1104v01 / Exp-1104v04 / Exp-1104v10 / Exp-1104v11 - Short Works: Experiments In Voltage Controlled Video Synthesis (DVD)
Voltage Controlled - Wall Paper / Shroud - Caffe Futurismo (DVD)
The Who - I Can't Reach You - The Who Sell Out
The Shop Assistants - All Day Long (Slow Version) - Will Anything Happen
Marshall McLuhan - The Medium Is The Massage - The Medium Is The Massage: With Marshall McLuhan
Cyclobe - Pathfinder - Pathfinder
Frank Zappa - Hold On To Your Small Tiny Horses, Nullis Pretii At Non-Composer Speed - The Making Of Freak Out! Project/Object (Deluxe Edition)
Paul McFartney - Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey (Butt Trumpet Mix) - Bean Soup Box Set
Nurse With Wound - Orgasm Mix - Orgasm Mix
Outpt+Paris - Satellite Reports - Drum And Space
Elton Fucking John - Island Girl (Remix) - Pop Proctology's Disposable Finger Cots
Comus - The Return - Out Of The Coma
Melanie - Leftover Wine - Candles In The Rain
Phil Ochs - No More Songs - 20th Century Masters: Best Of Phil Ochs

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