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can't think of a title for this one
January 4, 2021 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
can't think of a title for this one
10:05pm: Like a Rolling Stone live 1966
10:13pm: It's all over now for baby blue by Link Wray
10:16pm: King Harvest by The Band from live
10:20pm: Paper Shoes by Yoko Ono from Plastic ono band
10:27pm: All Things Must Pass by The Beatles from demo 1969
10:38pm: by Goblin from Deep Red Soundtrack
10:42pm: track 3 by Faust from Faust Tapes
10:46pm: My House by Lou Reed from The Blue Mask
10:51pm: It Never Rains in Southern California by Sonny and Cher from tv show
10:57pm: Drinking Again by Frank Sinatra
11:07pm: Wine and Roses by John Fahey from Dance of Death and Other Plantation Favorites
11:10pm: Peace Piece by Bill Evans from Everybody Digs Bill Evans
11:16pm: Almost Blue by Chet Baker
11:24pm: Take the A Train by Sun Ra from live 1976
11:36pm: I fall in love so easily by Chet Baker
11:45pm: Lets Get it On (Vocals only) by Marvin Gaye
11:49pm: Tears of a clown (Vocals only) by Smoky Robinson and the MIricles
11:52pm: Bo Harwood and John Cassavetes by This Year Will Never Come Again

October 19, 2020 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits

look what they done to my show
July 27, 2020 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
look what they done to my show
Show starts late due to some technical issues on my end... fucking remotes.

10:10pm When I Paint my Masterpiece by Bob Dylan and the Rolling Thunder Review from from Renaldo and Clara
10:16pm: Lay Down by Melanie and the Edwin Hawkins Singers from Live 1970
10:24pm: You Keep Me Hanging On by Vanilla Fudge from Live
10:31pm: Dear Mr. Fantasy by Traffic from Live 1972
10:39pm: Hocus Pocus by Focus from Live 1973
10:53pm: Dolores by Frank Sinatra
10:56pm: reading "Style" by Charles Burkowski
11:03pm: Freight Train by Elizabeth Cotton
11:06pm: You Got To Walk That Lonesome Valley by Mississppi John Hurt
11:10pm: Sprout Wings and Fly by Tommy Jerell
11:12pm: The Sun and It's Horizon by Bill Orcutt
11:22pm: I Only Have Eyes For You by Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy from live (sorry for the hissy audio)
11:28pm: Fuel For the Fire by Larry Young's Fuel from live
11:34pm: Must of Got Lost by J. Geils Band from live 1977 at the Winterland
11:42pm: Wild Billy's Circus Story by Bruce Springsteen from Live from the "Jersey Devil" LP
11:46pm: Someday Soon by The Doors from Live
11:49pm: I'm Eighteen by Alice Cooper from Live
12:00am: Walk Away by James Gang from Live

July the 6th
July 6, 2020 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
July the 6th

10:05pm: The Entertainer by Bill Orcutt
10:20pm: Loving her was easier by Kris Kristofferson
10:23pm: Blue Monk by Bill Evans from Conversations with myself
10:27pm: The creative process and self teaching by Bill Evans
10:33pm: John Carpenters the Thing theme by Ennio Morricone from The Think OST
10:36pm: Main Theme by Ennio Morricone from Once Upon a Time in the West
10:49pm: 4th of July Asbury Park (Sandy) by Bruce Springsteen from live
10:59pm: Jersey Girl by Tom Waits
10:59pm: It's all over now baby blue by Link Wray
11:03pm: Just Like a Woman by Van Morrision from live
11:11pm: The End by The Doors from Live at the Hollywood Bowl 1968
11:30pm: Alien Whale by Caliph from live on tape
11:40pm: And the World Weeps by Dr. Lonnie Smith from live at the boom boom room bootleg
11:56pm: Och Solen Gar Upp by Harvester from Hemat

Don't piss off Buddy Rich
June 22, 2020 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
Don't piss off Buddy Rich
10:07pm: Beyond All Limits The Ogre by Larry Young and Joe Chambers from Double Exposure
10:12pm: Atom Heart Mother by Pink Floyd from live on the BBC
10:27pm: Summer's Almost Gone by The Doors
10:29pm: I Can See For Miles by The Who from The Who Sell Out
10:41pm: Illinois Jacquet and Wild Bill Davis by Pamela's Blues
10:50pm: TB Sheets by ???
10:53pm: TB Sheets by Van Morrison
11:03pm: Buddy Rich the Bus Tapes part 2
11:04pm: Inside looking out by Grand Funk Railroad from Live Album
11:26pm: What kind of girl by Frank Zappa from Live
11:33pm: Buddy Rich the Bus Tapes part 3
11:37pm: Why Can't I Touch It by Yo La Tengo from live on WFMU
11:56pm: Buddy Rich the Bus tapes part 4
11:57pm: Across 110th Street by Bobby Womack

Dreaming the Master
June 15, 2020 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
Dreaming the Master
10:07pm: Dreaming the Master (live) by Art Ensemble of Chicago
10:21pm: Main Theme by Ry Cooder from Paris Texas OST
10:27pm: Like Someone in Love by Bil Evans
10:42pm: Sweet Melinda, Oh Mama, Guilty by Steel Mill (Bruce Springsteen)from Live at the Upstage in Asbury Park, NJ 1-23-71
10:57pm: Vacancy by Neil Young from Homegrown
11:01pm: Carmelita (Alt version) by Warren Zevon
11:09pm: War Pigs (LIVE) by Black Sabbath
11:17pm: Purple Rain (live 1985) by Prince and the Revolution
11:33pm: California Dreamin by Eddie Hazel from Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs
11:45pm: Oh What a War by The Earth Girl Helen Brown Interplanitory Band from 4 Satollitos Vol.1
11:56pm: Steel and Glass by John Lennon from Anthology - The Lost Weekend

some free jazz and some not
June 8, 2020 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
some free jazz and some not
10:05pm Long Black Veil by The Band from Music from the Big Pink
10:09pm: Beyond All Limits Free Music Festival Orchastra by John Gruntfest from Live at the Fourth Annual Free Music Festival, Metropolitan Art Center, San Francisco, March 24. 1979.
10:19pm: Part 1 by Lou Reed from Metal Machine Music
10:36pm: Forever in Blue Jeans by Neil Diamond
10:46pm: It was nearly mine... by Looose from live 5-3-2016
10:51pm: Music and the Mind of the World by Tony Conrad from UC San Diego, June 10th 1980
11:09pm: Going Down Slowly by The Pointer Sisters from Steppin
11:22pm: Chappaqua Suite by Ornette Coleman from part 3
11:40pm: Raga Piloo by Ravi Shankar and Yehudi Menuhin from West Meets East album 2
11:51pm: Visions by Larry Young from Mothership

Riot episode, didn't want to get political but I did.
June 1, 2020 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
Riot episode, didn't want to get political but I did.
Due to tech issues the episode starts about 11min in.

10:10pm The Thief by Can from Delay
10:15pm: Obscured by Clouds by Pink Floyd from Obscured by Clouds
10:19pm: Yes sir, I will (Part 7) "Taking Sides by Crass from Yes Sir, I will.
10:46pm: Mighty Mighty (Spade and Whitey) by Curtis Mayfield from Live!
10:57pm: Rablmlin Rose by MC5
11:00pm: Prepare for the Journey to Outer Worlds by Sun Ra from And the Shadows took Shape
11:07pm: God Bless America by Kate Smith
11:16pm: Imagination by Chet Baker
11:21pm: Rated X by Miles Davis from Get Up With it
11:29pm: Polka Dots and Moonbeams by Bud Powell
11:32pm: All you have to do is dream #1 by Bob Dylan and the Band from Basement Tapes Outtakes
11:41pm: I Wanna Be Black by Lou Reed from Street Hassle
11:44pm: Ludlow Massacre by Woody Guthrie
11:47pm: Turkish Song of the Damned by The Pogues
11:50pm: Part 1 by CRASS from Yes Sir, I will.
11:55pm: Rapewar by Burmese from Men

Prog, Jazz and Kenny
May 18, 2020 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
Prog, Jazz and Kenny
As usual I had some issues logging on so the show starts 2min in. This has the least amount of mic breaks from any of my shows. Not exactly sure why.

10:08pm: The Four Horsemen by Aphrodite's Child from 666
10:19pm: Night of the Assassins by Les Rallizes Denudes
10:29pm: Vernal Equinox by Can from Live 1975
10:46pm: Saucer full of secrets by Pink Floyd from Ummagumma
10:50pm: Koln II by Kraftwerk from Live 1971
10:54pm: Kakteen Wuste Sonne by Kraftwerk from Live 1971
11:05pm: Between the eyes paralized paradise eye - Shaking King by Amon Duul II from Live 1970
11:22pm: My Funny Valentine by Chet Baker from Live in Tokyo
11:34pm: Nardis by Bill Evans Trio from Live
11:53pm: Lucille by Kenny Rogers
11:56pm: I just Dropped in to see what condition my condition was in by Sharron Jones

Back on the air from home.
May 11, 2020 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
Back on the air from home.
Using some new software and had a few hiccups starting up, show begins at about the 7 minute mark.

10:10pm: I'm the One by Annete Peacock from I'm the One
10:16pm: This is a mans mans mans world by James Brown from live in Paris 1966
10:25pm: It's all over now baby blue by Them
10:29pm: People Get Ready by James Booker from Live in Leipzig
10:42pm: No Friends But the Mountains by Dead Sea Apes
11:01pm: Cripple Walk by The Flying Luttenbachers from Shattered Dimension
11:15pm: Gedra by Barr, Shea, Dahl
11:34pm: Just Like I Pictured It by Medeski, Martin and Wood from live 6/20/98
11:42pm: Spirit in the Night by Bruce Springsteen from LIve 75-85
11:54pm: Isolation by John Lennon
11:57pm: Frightend by The Fall from Live at the Witch Trials

John Prine tribute show
April 13, 2020 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
John Prine tribute show
Only Heaven on Their Minds from Jesus Christ Superstar (1970 album)
Jesus the Missing Years by John Prine
10:21pm: Bruised Orange live by John Prine
10:29pm: Sam Stone live by John Prine
10:30pm: Lake Marie live from Sessions and West 54th st. by John Prine
10:40pm: You never even called be by my name on NY radio 1986 by John Prine
10:48pm: Clay Pigeons Live by John Prine
10:53pm: Souvenirs by John Prine from Live at w54th st
11:06pm: Freaks of the Industry by Digital Underground from Sex Packets
11:12pm: A Love Supreme by Alice Coltrane from World Galaxy
11:12pm: A Love Supreme by Alice Coltrane from World Galaxy
11:21pm: We Almost Lost Detroit by Gil Scott Heron
11:25pm: Ain't nobody's Business by James Booker from live
11:30pm: Ding Dong by John Patton from Understanding
11:41pm: by John Lennon and Yoko Ono from Two Virgins side A
11:54pm: Hunter S Thompson from the Gonzo Tapes

First attempt at a remote broadcast...
April 6, 2020 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits
First attempt at a remote broadcast...
Not only is this my first attempt at a remote broadcast from home but also my first show since we got kicked out of Impact Hub for them not paying rent... not us... So the first part of the show is a little funky as I was working with the levels and getting a feel for my makeshift studio.

Now Playing History
April 6, 2020 10:00pm - 12:30am

10:03pm: Lie down and die Goodbye by Alice Cooper from Easy Action

10:18pm: The Soft Parade by The Doors from live 1969 on PBS NYC

10:27pm: Movin' on Out by Eddie Harris from High Voltage

10:33pm: Sign O the Times by Sex Mob from Din of Inequity

10:39pm: Trance Dance by Korla Pandat from The Universal Language of Music

10:51pm: Solsbuy Hill by Lou Reed from And I'll Scratch yours

10:56pm: Our Prayer by Albert Ayler

11:01pm: This Magic Moment by Lou Reed from Doc Pomus tribute album

11:07pm: Lo and Behold by Bob Dylan from basement tapes

11:14pm: The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden from The Number of the Beast

11:19pm: 30 seconds over tokyo by Pere Ubu from singles collection

11:25pm: Sweet Nothing by Sonic's Rendezdvous band from singles collection

11:33pm: Highway star by Deep purple from Machine Head

11:38pm: upstroke for the downstroke by Parliment Funkadelic

11:45pm: I feel free by Cream from Fresh Cream

11:48pm: Tin Soldier by Small Faces

11:51pm: Water (live) by The Who

12:02am: Isolation by John Lennon

January 13, 2020 10:00pm


Beyond All Limits

Dance part 1
Rolling stones
Emotional rescue

Propaganda/at home at work at play

Rice pudding
Jeff beck
Beck ola

Visions of Johanna outtake
Bob Dylan
Bootleg (Visions of Johanna, Berkeley Records)

Mic break / sound reset

Contort yourself

Sonic Reducer
Dead Boys
Night of the living Dead Boys

Thunder Road
Bruce Springsteen
Born to run

Bob Dylan

Im the one
Annete Peacock

Mic break

Freedom Suite
Jimmy McGriff
Live at cook county jail

Willie nelson
Miles Davis
Jack Johnson sessons

John Dwyer

Rise Up
Medeski Martin and wood

What’d I Say
Ray Charles

pre thanksgiving show
November 26, 2019 12:00am


Beyond All Limits
pre thanksgiving show

veterens day
November 12, 2019 12:00am


Beyond All Limits
veterens day
Enter the Mirror
Les rallies denudes

Ballad of the Green Berrets
Sgt Barry Sadler

Vietnam song
Contry joe and the fish

Its all over now
Rod Stewart and Faces

Hey that’s no way to say goodbye
Leonard Cohen and Judy Collins

Mic break

Love reign oer me
The Who

The Who

Shhhh Peaceful
Miles Davis
In a Silent Way

Mic break

Letter from Vietnam
Sgt Barry Sadler

Vision of Johanna
Bob Dylan
Blond on blond

Jealous Guy
Donny Hathaway
1972 live

Lets go get stoned
Ray Charles

Relativity Invitation
Neil Young
A journey through the past soundtrack

Grand Viziers Garden Party (Nick Mason)
Pink Floyd

Stayin Alive
Bee gees
Saturday night fever ost

I Started a band / Self Expression
Harry Pussy

I remember you
Slim Whitman
Songs I love to sing

Mic break

If only I could fly
Blaze Foley

October 29, 2019 12:00am


Beyond All Limits
Halloween show……………..

Halloween parade
Lou reed
New York

I put a spell on you
Screaming Jay Hawkins

I’m a mummy
The Fall

I’m a mummy
Bob McFadden +

Sympathy for the devil
Rolling Stones
Get your yay as out

Jump the line
Harry Belefonte

Tribute to David Bowies crotch in Labyrinth
Crotch Magic

Season of the Witch
Vanilla Fudge

Mic break

Zombies in the house of madness
Country joe Mcdonald
Paris Sessions

Sexist pig
Country joe Mcdonald
Paris Session

Live on German TV 1972
Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band

Angst in my pants
Modesty Pays

Lawyers Guns and Money
Warren Zevon
Excitable Boy

Rhythm of the Heat
Peter Gabriel
Peter Gabriel / Security

Richie Havens
Richard P. Havens, 1983

Mic break

Act 1 / 2
Jethro Tull
A Passion Play

The Raven read by Vincent Price

some tributes and more
October 8, 2019 12:00am


Beyond All Limits
some tributes and more
When I dance

Wipeout Beat
Alan Vega

Saturn drive
Alan vega

Riot squad
Bad brains

Prettier then me
The Muffs

mic break

Don’t let the sun go down on your grieviance
Daniel Johnston

Some Things last a long time
Daniel Johnston

A recorded message
Daniel Johnston

Gimme Some Water
Eddie Money

Doin It
Ginger Bakers Air Force

Do What You Like
Blind faith

Mic break

Fuck La Migra
Marc Ribot
YRU still here

Pissing in a river
Patti Smith Group
Radio Ethiopia

Give me back my man
b 52s

Ballad of evil Knievel
Evil kneival

Tobacco Road
David Lee Roth
Eat em and smile

Evil Kneivel Speaks to the Kids

The Axis
Thee Oh Sees
A weird Exits

Special guest DJ Paul Costuros
September 17, 2019 12:00am


Beyond All Limits
Special guest DJ Paul Costuros

episode 12, starts off angry and then mellows out.
September 10, 2019 12:00am


Beyond All Limits
episode 12, starts off angry and then mellows out.

Elvin Jones
Interview describing a drum solo

John Cage Meets Sun Ra

Main Theme
Herbie Hancock
Death Wish Soundtrack

Tony Williams
Solo from me

Mic break

The Fall
Live at Leeds 1981

You and You

In Love With Witches
Death Sentence Panda!
Spectral Arms

Toxilogical Whispering
Amon Duul
Amon Duul II

Mic break

The Soft Parade
The Doors
Box set Future aint what it used to be disc

Summer In Siam
The Pogues
Hells Ditch

Authors prologue
Dylan thomas

The Lover
Medeski martin and wood
Best of 91-96 LP

Oh sweet nothin early version
Velvet Underground

A Better Place to Be
Harry Chapin

September 3, 2019 12:00am


Beyond All Limits

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