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The Curated Catastrophe - Master Of Reality Turns 40
July 25, 2021 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
The Curated Catastrophe - Master Of Reality Turns 40
Despite the haircut, Malderor isn't really much of a metalhead. That said, he does like Black Sabbath, and their influential album Master of Reality turned 40 this week, so Malderor decided to focus on that record, as well as some of the "doom metal" artists that Sabbath begat, as well as some covers and interviews about their influence over music as a whole. Check out the podcast!

2:05pm: Sweet Leaf by Black Sabbath

2:08pm: After Forever (Live In Birmingham) by Black Sabbath

2:17pm: Embryo by Black Sabbath

2:19pm: Children of The Grave by Black Sabbath

2:21pm: On Sabbath's Impact by Corey Taylor, Marilyn Manson, et al

2:23pm: Hole In The Sky by Metallica

2:27pm: Orchid by Black Sabbath

2:31pm: Dragonaut by Sleep

2:36pm: Goddamn Electric by Pantera

2:40pm: Dying Inside (Live In Hamburg) by Saint Vitus

2:52pm: War Pigs by Foo Fighters with Zac Brown

2:56pm: Interview by Tony Iommi

2:57pm: N.I.B. by Danzig

3:02pm: Iron Man by Ministry

3:10pm: Lord Of This World by Black Sabbath

3:15pm: Grammy Montage by Black Sabbath

3:17pm: War Pigs/Paranoid by Rival Sons

3:20pm: I'll Cut You Down by Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats

3:29pm: Sabbra Cadabra by Metallica

3:34pm: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Anthrax

3:40pm: Snowblind by Black Sabbath

3:48pm: Interview by Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne

3:49pm: Supernaut by Spirit Adrift

3:55pm: Interview by Bill Ward

3:55pm: Into The Void by Black Sabbath

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