starring Dr. Hal !
October 1, 2021 10:00pm


Ask Dr Hal
BY CLARK ASHTON SMITH, recently recorded by us for Pseudopod, will be available, for those who like the story and this particular rendition of it, as a giveaway premium on a future Ask Dr. Hal! Podcast on Zoom, sponsored by the Church of the SubGenius. Probably not yet at the next of those shows, which will be presented at 7:00 PM PST October 10th. This premium or prize will be mailed on a CD disc to whomever wins it. Anyway, if this is all perhaps too confusing-- all these different shows, including this one, with the same name, "Ask Dr. Hal!" --our business HERE is to affirm that we DID play, here download-able, the selfsame, aforementioned ree-cording, shortly after we began the show. For Ask Dr. Hal! on Radio Valencia, stay right here. For Ask Dr. Hal! the Podcast on Zoom, go to --cut-and-paste that in, you can't click on it from here to be conveyed there. For the live Ask Dr. Hal! night club show, watch for announcements-- on Facebook, we suppose... that's coming up... Looming up soon. "He who has known the Gardens of Zothique, Where bleeds the Fruit torn by the Simorgh's beak, Harbors no thought of greener hemispheres. In Arbors uttermost, in sunset cycles of the sombering years, He sips an amaranth wine." --Clark Ashton Smith.

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