starring Dr. Hal !
October 22, 2021 10:00pm


Ask Dr Hal
BY ZELIA BROWN BISHOP-- well, H.P. Lovecraft used to offer his professional services as an "editor" for amateur writers, who sent their work to him to be polished for publication. What "HPL" would then do was develop an interest in the story as he worked on it, eventually completely rewriting it-- essentially turning it into an H.P. Lovecraft story! Then Bishop was allowed to submit the "revised" story entirely as her own; she received full payment-- and Lovecraft nothing... Lovecraft was not the most astute businessman. He worked with Zelia on another most interesting Supernatural story with a "Western" setting, THE MOUND. But here we present the haunting CURSE OF YIG. It's another of our... cheerful Halloween month entries. Just wait until next week... eh, eh, eh! Yes,KrOB comes in, and we have our style of fun after that... NOTE: watch out for a slight gap around 1:20. It's plain that They don't want our Message getting through... Just keep listening and we will bring you to the Kosmos... Then learn about cat-worshiper David Normal and his followers are doing on the sacred night. Those Cat Cultists will have fun, fun, fun... WE will be there.

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