A show of pilgrimage & powerspots... This live broadcast orbits around talk of distant travel, the art of drifting, & astral music
Episode 24: Return from the Road (ft. Roxy)
March 31, 2023 4:00pm


Neon Shrines
Episode 24: Return from the Road (ft. Roxy)
We have returned from the Camino & are itching to unpack our experiences with the other members of Order of St. George's Horse. We are joined in the studio by Roxy, a master pilgrim & scholar of the world's holy roads.

Colleen - "Geometria del Universo"
Pet Shop Boys - "West End Girls"
Mr. Oizo - "Flat Beat"
Bizarre Inc - "I'm Gonna Get You"
Dangerzone - "Please Don't Go"

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