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The Curated Catastrophe - Ska, Covers, and then Motörhead Mother's Day!
May 14, 2023 2:00pm


Malderor and Dr Junk
The Curated Catastrophe - Ska, Covers, and then Motörhead Mother's Day!
Shey was on assignment, Malderor was late, and unprepared. (Shocker.) What followed was a whole bunch of ska, then a random deviation into 90's cover versions, followed by a pile of new Motörhead vinyl in the studio! Happy mother's day to all who celebrate!

2:09pm:11th Hour by Rancid

2:09pm: Roots Radicals by Rancid

2:21pm: King Of Ska by Desmond Dekker

2:22pm: Get Up A Diner by Desmond Dekker

2:22pm: African Blood by Prince Buster

2:24pm: Sammy Dead by Eric "Monty" Morris

2:24pm: Sammy No Dead by Clancy Eccles

2:26pm: Storm Warning by Lyn Taitt and the Comets

2:33pm: Bonanza Ska by Carlos Malcolm and some other people

2:40pm: Rude Rude Rudie by Prince Buster

2:41pm: Bobby & Joe by Hepcat

2:45pm: Paranoid Android by Easy Dub All Stars

2:51pm: Darker Shade of Black by Jackie Mittoo

2:55pm: Some Candy Talking by Richard Hawley

2:59pm: Orange Crush by Editors

3:03pm: The Sun Always Shines On TV by The Delays

3:12pm: It Doesn't Make It All Right by Stiff Little Fingers

3:18pm: Disco 2000 by Nick Cave

3:23pm: There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Magic Numbers

3:27pm: This Corrosion by Lambchop

3:35pm: Louie Louie by Motorhead

3:38pm: Blue Suede Shoes by Lemmy & The Upsetters

3:45pm: Wait and See by Stiff Little Fingers

3:47pm: Overkilll by Motorhead

3:51pm: Leaving Here (Live) by Motorhead

3:53pm: Stone Dead Forever (Live) by Motorhead

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