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Wax! Crackle! Pop! Show #19: B sides the point, side 2!

Monday, April 14


We here at W!C!P! are all about records. We like all kinds but, there’s something real special about the beloved 7″ or “45”. Back in the day, artists depended on singles to achieve their way to the top of the charts and later on independent artists relied on the 7″ format to sell at shows (inexpensively) to get their music into our hot little hands.

Every 7″ record has an “A” side that usually contains the “hit” or a song the artist obviously wants you to experience first. But sometimes on the “B” side is where things get interesting. Either labeled as “throwaways” or experimental recordings for particular artists, these tracks would sometimes become a hit themselves or be found deep on an album buried between other non hit songs; OR the assigned “B” side track just remained an orphan of sorts, existing solely beneath “A” territory.

Wax! Crackle! Pop! proudly presents a new series, every other month, where we exclusively investigate the other side, flipping it all over and that’s B SIDES THE POINT. Vinyl geek, B side enthusiasts John Seden and John Everett are regular guests!

Check out our past show #12 for B sides the point – phase 1!



Stonegoat by Goat from 7″ single (2013)
Tried to Hide by 13th Floor Elevators from 45 single (1966)
She Has Funny Cars by Jefferson Airplane from 45 single (1967)
I Tell Myself by The Seeds from 45 single (1967)
Everybody’s Been Burned by The Byrds from 45 single (1967)

Walk Upon the Water by The Move from 45 single (1968)
When Will The Rain Come by The Troggs from 45 single (1967)
Dark Part of My Mind by Crazy Elephant from 45 single (1969)
Doo Wah Ditty (Got to Get Ya) by Ike & Tina Turner from 45 single (1972)
Goin’ Down by The Monkees from 45 single (1967)

Tobacco Worm by Jimmy Bryant from 45 single (1962)
Monkey Dog by O.V. Wright from 45 single (1965)
Baltimore by The Drifters from 45 single (1960)
He Is The Boy by Little Eva from 45 single (1962)
When the Evening Comes by Chambers Brothers from 45 single (1971)
Amen, Brother by The Winstons from 45 single (1969)

Holy Holy by David Bowie from 45 single (1974)
Urban Guerilla by Hawkwind from 45 single (1973)
Bomber by Girlschool from 45 single (1981)
Emergency by Motörhead from 45 single (1981)
Lost Johnny by Mick Farren from 45 single (1977)

Wild Thing by Teddy and Darrel from 45 single (1966)
Transfusion by Scatman Crothers from 45 single (19??)
Martian Melody by Dicky Goodman from 45 single (1961)
Touch Me by Yoko Ono from 45 single (1971)
Marc Bolan makes me want to fuck by John Wilkes Booze from 7″ single (2002)

Real Cool Trash by Tav Falco Panther Burns from 7″ single (2009)
One O’Clock High by Cows from 7″ single (1990)
Cooking With Gas by Tad from 7″ single (1990)
Lucky Sevens by Von Ryan’s Express from 7″ single (1994)

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