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Easter Sunday with Cheap Hooch (4/4/2021)

April 11, 2021
9:15 am

Li Po hosts a new Cheap Hooch on Easter Sunday.

Leap Frog by Joe Hunter with Magnificent Seven
Ain’t There Something Money Can’t Buy by Young-Holt Unlimited
Up Above My Head, I Hear Music in the Air by Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Cosmo’s Place by Joe Hunter with Checkers
Astronomically Incompatible by The Bonniwell Music Machine
Helga Selzer by Bernard Chabert
I’m Leaving You by The Luv’d Ones
Somebody to Love by Barbara & Ernie
Sally Go Round the Roses by The Jaynettes
Puppet on a String by Gino Washington
Por Isso Eu Digo: Brasil Eu Fico by Trio Ternura
Psychotic Reaction by Brenton Wood
I’m A Woman by Fontella Bass
A Good Thing Baby by Hollywood Jills
I Keep Forgetting by Chuck Jackson
Sinner Man by Esquerita
Chances by The Ragamuffins
Notre Homme a moi by Jane & Julie
Mala Mujer by Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical
Burning Eyes by Gloria Ann Taylor
Am I A Good Man by Them Two
Odetta by God’s A-Gonna Cut You Down from Live at Carnegie Hall 1960
Two Fools by Francine King
Won’t You Let Me Know by J.J. Barnes & the Del-Phi’s
The Hawk by Mike Hanks w/Joe Hunter
Pilgrim of Sorrow by The Soul Stirrers with Sam Cooke
The Love You Left Behind by Syl Johnson
You’ve Got to Reap What You Sow by Barbara Dane & The Chambers Brothers
That’s All by Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Who Are You Trying to Fool by Little Ann
Vacilando con Ayahuasca by Juaneco Y su Combo
Casoar by Rol Basti
Marchand de melons by Les bretelles
The Grapevine Can’t Tell you by Francine King
He Makes Me So Mad by Hollywood Jills
Paradigme by La Femme

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Rotary Connection Holiday Show (December 13, 2020)

January 24, 2021
3:08 pm

Today’s show is a psychedelic-soul-orchestral-explosion of sound courtesy of the brilliant Rotary Connection

xoxoxo Li Po of The Hoochies


Amen by Rotary Connection from Rotary Connection
Rapid Transit by Rotary Connection from Rotary Connection
Turn Me On by Rotary Connection from Rotary Connection
Pink Noise by Rotary Connection from Rotary Connection
Lady Jane by Rotary Connection from Rotary Connection
Like A Rollin’ Stone by Rotary Connection from Rotary Connection
Soul Man by Rotary Connection from Rotary Connection
Sursum Mentes by Rotary Connection from Rotary Connection
Didn’t Want to Have to Do It by Rotary Connection from Rotary Connection
Black Noise by Rotary Connection from Rotary Connection
Memory Band by Rotary Connection from Rotary Connection
Ruby Tuesday by Rotary Connection from Rotary Connection
Rotary Connection by Rotary Connection from Rotary Connection
My Sweet Potato by Booker T. & the MG’s
Nutcracker Suite: Arabesque Cookie by Duke Ellington
Nutcracker Suite: Sugar Rum Cherry by Duke Ellington
Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Pilgrim of Sorrow by Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers
God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen by Taylor Mac
8 Days of Hannukah by Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
Ain’t No Chimneys in the Projects by Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
Back Door Santa by Clarence Carter
Last Call for Peace by Rotary Connection from Peace
Shopping Bag Managerie by Rotary Connection from Peace
Silent Night by Rotary Connection from Peace
Christmas Child by Rotary Connection from Peace
Peace at Least by Rotary Connection from Peace
Santa’s Little Helpers by Rotary Connection from Peace
Sidewalk Santa by Rotary Connection from Peace
If Peace Was All We Had by Rotary Connection from Peace
Silent Night Chant by Rotary Connection from Peace
Silence by Rotary Connection from Peace
Les Fleurs by Minnie Riperton from Peace
I am the Black Gold of the Sun by Rotary Connection from Hey Love
Magical World by Rotary Connection from Aladdin
Tales of Brave Ulysses by Rotary Connection

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The Fritz Montana Show!

December 3, 2013
1:45 pm


It’s the Fritz Montana Show!

Last week, the Hoochies and I got to sit down with Matthew, David and Kevin from Fritz Montana, and let me tell you, those boys stole our hearts like three little LOVE NINJAS! (Particularly Kevin, but more on that later.)

This sexy trio opened their hearts to us and took our interview segment to a level only previously revealed in the dreams of buddhas. They talked about life, love, Chico, bitter band rivalries, drowning cats (they didn’t drown any cats, it was in the news) and so much more. We covered more interesting topics in our two hour time slot than Anderson Cooper has in the last 15 years. I’m telling you, these guys really know how to get my turban in a twist. (That’s not racist. I actually wear turbans.)

Matthew, David and Kevin gently held our hands and walked us through their musical experiences with other bands, musical styles and some of the people who’ve influenced them. These guys know a lot about music, and they were able to talk about it in a way that even I could understand. (I mostly just listen to The Bangles which Holly was kind enough to point out later in the show.) We were particularly interested in hearing about their recording style which, as it turns out is basically a live performance. And some of their lyrics are written in the bathroom. Can you believe that?

And then there was Kevin. Oh my goodness. Check out the pictures of him on You will freak out. I’m totally serious. Those eyes…that smile…He’s like a statue of Adonis, but wearing a tight shirt, and made entirely out of puppies, and with Barry White singing in the background. Have you ever had a dream where you could fly, and you’re flying over the ocean, and there are dolphins and that one kind of whale with the unicorn horn? That’s what talking with Kevin is like. And I know what you’re thinking. “Jamison, you say that every time you interview a band.” No. Kevin is different. Like, when I did the thing where I try to get the guys to take their shirts off by saying that it’s part of a segment we’re doing, or that I want to get a picture of them wearing a Radio Valencia t-shirts for the website or something? This time I didn’t just want to see Kevin’s chest (that would be a great band name for our fake band name segment, by the way.)  I wanted to see Kevin’s soul.

We got to play a lot of their music, and they were kind enough to give Cheap Hooch Radio the distinct honor of premiering their new, never before played song “Scaredy Cat!” I definitely recommend you take a listen. You’ll be glad you did.

Fritz Montana will be playing at the Milk Bar in San Francisco on Wednesday, December 4th and will be performing at Live 105’s Not So Silent Night at 5:10pm on Friday, December 6th, so y’all go see them, and check out their self-titled EP!

You can also follow them on Twitter @TheFritzMontana.

Special thanks to Rob Nagle from the SF Examiner for the Law and Disorder report.

This show was dedicated to actor Raji James.

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The Henry Rollins Episode

December 2, 2013
4:54 pm

Henry Rollins of Black Flag

Henry Rollins emailed us. I KNOW, RIGHT?!

I kept trying to explain our reaction to receiving an email from Henry Rollins as a simile, but it kept coming out as “It was like getting a personal email from Henry Rollins!” Tune in to hear what he said to us.

We were so inspired by Mr Rollins’ email we dedicated this show to him and made the theme “comedy!”

It’s the Cheap Hooch Comedy Show!

We played a couple bits from Henry Rollins, Louis C.K. and a couple of our other favorite comics. And we tried out a couple of new bits of our own! My online advice from, and the all new “Inappropriate Children’s Stories” We put an inappropriate spin on the story of Hanukkah. Listen, and tell us if we should make them regular segments!

This was a very funny show. But as you know, the Ladies of Cheap Hooch Radio are intellectuals and, dare I say champions of the people. So even on a show dedicated to comedy, the conversation turned serious as we discussed the “F” word and whether or not it’s okay to use in a comedy act. No, not that “F” word…the one people yell out their car window at me when I wear a poncho. (I can’t help it! Sometimes it gets chilly in the City!)

And, we managed to play some music, too!

Sit back, relax, take off your poncho, and enjoy some good old fashioned comedy. It’s the best medicine!

Special Thanks to Mr Henry Rollins. You made three fans very happy.

Jamison Maeda ( You can call me Sham.)
Cheap Hooch Radio

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Irish Comedy, Experimental Punk, and the Most Interesting Man in San Francisco!

November 19, 2013
1:40 pm


The ladies of Cheap Hooch and I have been on a global mission to bring you the funniest people on the planet.
So far, our favorites are from Ireland, D$ and my ancestral homeland. (We don’t know where Holly’s ancestral homeland is. Possibly Arizona.)

This week, we got a hold of Cormac Moore from ThePotato.IE, a comedic “mash-up” of headlines and current events. We spent the better part of our work week reading the articles on The Potato and laughing our Hoochie asses off. We recommend you check out The Potato.IE as well as Cormac’s stand-up on Youtube. Because, as we all agreed on The Priests show a few weeks back, everything is better with an Irish accent.

But wait – it gets better. Our in-studio guest was Brett Klinker, The Most Interesting Man in San Francisco. He regaled us with tales of opening for Black Flag, karaoke with Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Go’s, and being on the Howard Stern show with his band Brown Star. (This dude really is interesting!) Brett brought in some of his original experimental punk stuff and the crowd went wild! I want “Skinny Guy/Big Dick” played at my wedding!

D$ and I also spent a few minutes trying to piece together the after party from the previous week’s show. We think it involved a San Francisco crime reporter, D$ puking into the Bay and yet another walk of shame for Sham. (We take our hoochie-ness very seriously. Even off the air.)
Hope you enjoy the show, and tune in next week. We’ll be reading the email we received from the one and only Henry Rollins!
Special Thanks to our good friend and mentor, Brett Klinker, and to our new friend Cormac Moore!

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An Athiest Activist, A Stunt Woman, and San Francisco’s Seediest Crime Reporter

November 15, 2013
1:40 pm


The ladies of Cheap Hooch and I got to chat with Dana and Dave, a typical, American, Norman Rockwell kind of couple. He writes books about Atheism, she writes fiction about zombies and was a sword fighter in Army of Darkness. The conversation meandered through topics like ocelots, fake band names, and erotica. (Cacao.)
Also in studio was San Francisco Examiner crime reporter and great friend of the show, Rob Nagel. For our Crime and Disorder segment, Rob was kind enough to read one of his own crime stories. That was fucking meta. (Am I using that word correctly?) Rob also talked a little about being a San Francisco cab driver, and a bike messenger, and he held my hand!
Thanks to Hot Paul, Alex Jones, Scofie, and Rak for your song requests.
And thank you, Jad Abumrad from the Radiolab show on NPR for your music requests. This show was dedicated to you!
You can follow Rob Nagel @SFEX_RobNagel
Listen for the return of Dave and Dana on our Erotica show coming up in January! (My safe word for the Erotica show is Cacao. Holly’s is Bottle Rocket. D$ doesn’t need a safe word. Daaaaaaamn…)

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