Do you think this is an addiction

Tuesday, August 30, 2pm

I had to go downtown in SF yesterday to renew my benefits for the school district. I’m a teacher, but I’m not tenured, so I have to renew every year for the first three years. This was the last time I need to do this. Anyway, I passed by Artrock; I couldn’t help but step inside, it was calling me by name. I don’t get paid until October 1st, and it’s my wedding anniversary along with my wife’s and my birthday this month; so, I was being a bit selfish and bought the two above posters.

The first one is by SF artist Mark Arminski. It’s for a Patti Smith/Allen Ginsberg show in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I love the Yin yang concept for this poster. It appears to be showing the relationship between the punk which is in music, and the punk in prose.

Link here to Arminski’s site.

The second poster is by Alan Forbes. I’ve been a Monomen fan since their early Estrus Records days; alcohol fuel injected rock and roll!!! The show takes place near my house too. The Kilowatt is still open too; a rarity in SF. This piece shows Forbes’ Coop influence. If only the model was larger all the way around.

Link here to a site for Forbes.

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