Hell’s Kitchen Radio #366: You’re Gonna Miss Me – Roky Erickson Tribute

June 21, 10am

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Well Roky Erickson died. So there’s that. Damn. sigh. What a life he led. Have you seen the documentary of his life, “You’re Gonna Miss Me“? No? Go see it now.

I was lucky to have seen Roky perform four times since 1993. The first time I saw him was at the Austin City Music Awards, when he was walked out onto the stage to perform. My mouth was agape as he shuffled onto the stage, timidly, only to belt out three songs in perfect pitch. It made me shudder. The last time I saw him was he final performance, at The Chapel in SF, this past April 20th. I wish I could say he went out on top, but it was a sub-par performance by this legend. Still, it was so wonderful to see him up there sharing his love with the audience.

The first hour of this show focuses on a number of new releases. Support new artist releases!!! I offer links to the new artists below.

The second hour is all about Roky. I have some rare and live treats, as well as some excellent cover versions of Roky solo and 13th Floor Elevator tracks.

There’s a lot to enjoy here.


Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
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You’re Dead: Norma Tanega
Reunion: Bobby Gentry
Don’t Touch Me There: The Tubes

That Time I Killed My Mom: Cokie the Clown
This Thing: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

The River: Genevieve Heyward
Summer Candy: Ona
It Rains Love: Lee Fields and the Expressions
Bitches Ain’t Shit: Ben Folds
Superfly: Curtis Mayfield

Before You Accuse Me: 13th Floor Elevators
May The Circle Remain Unbroken: 13th Floor Elevators
Levitation: 13th Floor Elevators

You’re Gonna Miss Me: The Spades (pre-13th Floor Elevators-Roky)
You Don’t Love Me Yet: Bongwater

Reverberation: Jesus and the Mary Chain
You’re Gonna Miss Me: Mono Men
Click Your Fingers Applauding The Play: Roky Erickson 
Two-Headed Dog: Roky Erickson and the Aliens

Heroin: Roky Erickson
God Is Everywhere: Roky Erickson with Okkervil River
Street Level St. Paul: The Melvins
Powderfinger: Neil Young and Crazy Horse (January 20, 2001 Maracanã Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

It Ain’t Me Babe: Bob Dylan (Boston Music Hall, Boston, Mass. Nov. 21, 1975)
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #363: Tangled Up In You

April 22, 2pm

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Well here ya go. So many songs. So many great tunes for you to note and then go purchase, and perhaps, if these bands are still around, go and see perform live and in concert, like I did last Saturday, at The Chapel, seeing Roky Erickson.

Oh Roky, you’re wonderful, but it might be time to hang it up. Yes, we are going to miss you, but that was rough. The sound was great! The band was great, but it’s hard seeing a musical hero, who has already had his boughts with some serious mental health issues, sit up there forgetting not only the words, but also the melody of some of his most-cherished songs. We love you, Roky, and we’re thrilled you found a pathway to health over the past 20 years.

Tune in tonight, 8-10PM for more new music and music that’s new to you.



Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

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Rocked By Rape: Evolution Control Committee
Stoned: Three Stoned Men
Alien She: Bikini Kill
Run Through the Jungle: Eric McFadden

Shameless Imposter: Terry Gross
Kingsport Town: Cat Power
Tangled Up In Blue (NYC Sessions): Bob Dylan

Splatter the Walls: Frisco
Stone Crazy: Buddy Guy
Turn On Your Lovelight: Bob Segar

Cherry Red: Ty Segall and the Freedom Band

Slip Inside This House: 13th Floor Elevators
Two-Headed Dog: Roky Erickson and the Aliens
Starry Eyes: Roky Erickson

The Copping Block: OCS
Black Mountain: Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan
Bandits: Midlake
Run Devil Run/The Big Guns: Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins

It Rains Love: Lee Fields and the Expressions
Total Eclipse Out Of Hell: Enrique

Rue St. Vincent: Yves Montand – For Paris
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

Hell’s Kitchen Radio #340: Return of the Return of the Magnificent Seven”s

July 26, 2pm

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Sometimes I giggle when I look at my 7″ collection. It’s true. And when I have to purchase another 7″ box to hold them in, I get all silly, thinking about how I’m going to organize them. True story.

You may recall a year ago when I moved out of SF to Berkeley I misplaced my entire 7″ collection along with a few important books of mine. I found the mis-labeled box a few months later, but not until I had already re-purchased a few of the missing 45s. I was so frustrated thinking that someone would have had the balls to snatch and grab a very heavy box full of my babies. Thankfully I found it buried in my storage shed behind my home, safe and sound, and ready to be played full blast once again.

On my most recent show it’s all about the 7″s (with a few 10″s thrown in, because who doesn’t appreciate a quality 10″?). And it’s not all rock either. Take a look at the playlist below. Rap, soul, garage, punk, Bowie, rock, psych. I’ve got it all covered.

I close out the show with a tribute to the Grateful Dead’s longest tenured keyboardist, Brent Mydland, who’s last show was on this day in 1990 (June 26). I was never a fan of his voice, but he had the Hammond B3 sound down. He just couldn’t battle his demons anymore. I have a memory of walking in the lot during a show during the summer of 1989, reading a copy of Dupree’s Diamond News (a Dead zine/sheet written for and distributed to Heads in the parking lot before shows). DDN made a statement that the “rumors” of Brent being back on heroin were false; he was clean and sober. He would be dead of a vicious overdose. Too bad Jerry wasn’t scared straight from the experience.

I’m out of the office this coming Monday night, and I’m really hoping that our premier fill-in DJ Dial-A-Shot will be taking over. The man ROCKS! I’ll have a classic Hell’s Kitchen Radio show lined up if he doesn’t make it in, and I look forward to manning the helm again the following Monday at 8PM.

Radio Valencia is turning 8 years old on August 11. Be sure to wish us a happy birthday! We like dark chocolate and garage rock.



Hell’s Kitchen Radio with John Hell
Mondays 8-10PM
Radio Valencia in SF

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Don’t Forget to Breathe: The Melvins
Notes and Chords Mean Nothing to Me: Redd Kross

Goin’ Back to Cali: LL Cool J
Emma: Hot Chocolate

Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon: Urge Overkill
People Get Ready: The Chambers Brothers
Fantastic Voyage: David Bowie

***San Mateo Set***
Lieutenant Uhuru: Three Stoned Men
Legend of Sleepy Hollow: The Mummies
Andalusia: The Phantom Surfers

Hey Hey What Can I Do: Led Zeppelin (You have never heard it played like this before)
Deezy: Honky (Jeff Pinkus of Butthole Surfers ROCK band. Think ZZ Top on meth!)
Brainded Warrior: Zig Zags

Kick Out The Jams: Afrika Bambaatta
Rock Box: Run DMC
Macho Man: Artless
Louie Louie: Black Flag

You Stupid Asshole: Mudhoney
Another Way: Mono Men
Let’s Get Funky: Jack O’Fire
Lights Out: Wooden Shjips
Observatory: Carlton Melton

Drone: Here Are The Facts You Requested
Bloody Hammer: Roky Erickson

Dear Mr. Fantasy: Grateful Dead (March 31, 1988 Brendan Byrne Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey)

Playlist from A Season in Hell: Night of the Vampire 10-31-11

November 1, 8pm

The ghoul in me just loves a frighteningly good holiday. With a name like Hell how couldn’t I? When I was at KFJC I would fill in the Christmas morning shows every year. I would often play Halloween-themed music that morning.

I digress.

Tonight was all-around fun. Thanks for joining me on the Radio Valencia chatterbox, too. I always enjoy chatting with my listeners.

Want to download the show? Go here.


John Hell

Night of the Living Dead: Misfits
I Was a Teenage Werewolf: The Cramps
Pet Cemetery (Ramones cover): Yo La Tengo

Teenage Lobotomy: The Ramones
Exquisite Corpse: Bauhaus

Bewitched: Beat Happening
The House on the Hill: The Mummies
Halloween: Mudhoney
Monster: Three Day Stubble
The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead: XTC

Night of the Vampire: Roky Erickson
Clothes of the Dead: Bongos, Bass and Bob!

Vampire Blues: Wooden Shjips
My Girlfriend Is A Witch: October Country
Halloween: The Dream Syndicate
Hellfudge: Lard

Viking Demon: Rube Waddell
Werewolves of London: Grateful Dead (05-11-78)
Death Train: Beat Farmers (12-07-85)
Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?: The Misfits (02-28-82)

Careful with that Axe, Eugene: Pink Floyd (04-29-70)

Tom Violence: Sonic Youth (08-17-90)
Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime: Dean Martin