Hatch Show Prints?

Monday, October 24, 7am

One of the oldes print houses in America is Hatch Show Prints ( “Advertising without posters is like fishing without worms.”–The Hatch Brothers), out of Tennessee. They have been around for over a hundred years. Their work has been copied time and again by many poster companies throughout the years. Today, it has a retro 1920’s looks, but they haven’t really changed their style at all over the years.

I think they did this poster, which I got a few months ago. My wife, Alison and I attempted to attend this free show, featuring Willie Nelson and Emmylou Harris, but after driving around for over an hour looking for parking we gave up. We should have known to take the bus, but being complete idiots we decided to drive into Golden Gate Park. Have you ever been there? I love this park, and I live about fifteen minutes (by car) away. It’s a great place for live music too. There must be a dozen good places to have a show. The weather was beautiful that day too. Damn! Too bad.

If Hatch Show Prints did not make this poster I would be surprised; then again, many have copied their style.

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