Pirate Cat Radio, Week Two

Sunday, August 26, 3pm

So I should have known it was too good to be true. My first show at Pirate Cat Radio ( proved to be a fine one, with many lessons. The best part was hosting the wonderful and humble Scott Beale, of Laughing Squid ( He was kind enough to post some pics from the show. Take a look here:
Yeah, that’s me. I need a haircut.

The lessons were numerous. First, get the keys. I showed up at the station an hour early, but no one was on the air. I had to drive to get the keys. I showed up with 15 minutes to spare. Secondly, get a working doorbell, or at least a cell phone that works. The ringer and vibrate on my phone don’t work, neither does the station door bell. Hmm…. Finally, don’t bring so much damn music. That one will be the hardest. I may have reached for that one. You can never bring too much music.

I asked this week’s special guests to bring music. Speaking of this week, my special guests are none other than world-renowned concert poster artists Chuck Sperry and Ron Donovan, collectively known as Firehouse.

We’ll be talking about the life of a poster artist, how they started, who they have done work for, which they like, and hopefully some trash about those they don’t. Supposedly, they’re bringing some folks who are apprenticing for them, too.

After my first show, I though about how I want the show to look after the four hours are over, week to week. The first hour will focus on new music in the indie vein. The second hour will focus on the interview. The final two hours is where you will find me stretching out. I love to take risks with music, mixing genres, and throwing caution to the wind, by disregarding music length.

I’ll take your calls, and definitely take requests (I may not play it, but you can always try). Take a risk on me, and tune in every Monday night, 8-midnight on Pirate Cat Radio, 87.9FM,

All shows are archived as well. Yippee!!!


John Hell

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