Pirate Cat Radio, Week Five

Monday, September 17, 10am

So it appears that I will be on th air for six, count
them, six hours tonight! OMG! What have I done? I’ve
created a monster, and it’s me!

In the “watch out what you ask for” category, I have
chosen to fill in for the DJ who comes before me. I
must really love the sound of my own voice.

Either way, tune in to Pirate Cat Radio, 87.9fm in SF
and LA, 104.8fm in Berlin, and online at, 6-midnight (PST) for some
truly rousing fun.

As usual, icecreamlopez will be there too. I’m
alllowing her to take the controls for a little while,
so she can master the board, eventually gaining her
own show. Also, Ron Donovan of Firehouse Kustom
Posters will be in around 9pm to discuss all things
Kustom Posters, as well as being the malcontent we’ve
grown to love and adore.

Play list will be posted here:

Remember, if you miss the show, or wish to savor it
again and again, you can download the archived version
Just click on the “dj schedule” link, click on “A
Season In Hell”, and then click on the podcast link on
the right, which corresponds to the date you want.
Tonight’s show will be archived under “A Season in
Hell” as well as the first two programming hours under
the”Neat, Neat Noise” link, since I’m filling in for
that show.


See you on the radio.


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