A Season IN Hell #19: I Know What You Want

Monday, January 7, 8pm

So, even though I was stood up does not mean that I can’t do a good show, right? Right? What do ya mean, no?

Anyway, here’s the play list. Click here to download the archived podcast.

I Love Livin’ In The City: Danko Jones
Never Talking To You Again: Husker Du
Divide and Conquer: Husker Du Live 1985

Marble Sheep: I Just Stay on the Upside
Astro Elvis E.S.P.: Acid Mother’s Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.

Babydoll: Eric McFadden Trio
Theory of Noise: Loop! Station
Children of the Revolution: Arto Lindsey & Marc Ribot
Black Branches: Raccoo-oo-oon

Round & Round: OP8
Red Moon: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Crewell: Starving Weirdos

Winterlong: Neil Young (02-10-70)
I’ve Been Everywhere: Johnny Cash
Give Me Wine or Money: The Mekons
Tamalpias High: David Crosby
Northern Sky: Nick Drake

John Carr Phone Interview

The Geometry of Business: Oxbow
Miami Morning Coming Down: Earth
Anti Love Song: Betty Davis
One Nation Under A Groove: P.Funk (11-01-78)

icecreamlopez’s set:
-did you know that YES! Magazine published a picture and interview with icecreamlopez in their most recent issue? It’s true. I’m in the picture, but you can’t see me because I’m standing behind the photographer. Here’s a link to the article.

That’s here at the top of the page. Photo is by my good friend Scott Beale of Laughing Squid

Kung Fo: Curtis Mayfield
Whole Jug O’ Wine: Datri Bean
Joyless Ride: El Radio Fantastique

Twilight: Elliot Smith
Summertime Rolls/(oops): Jane’s Addiction
Entering White Cecilia: The New Pornographers
Flowers on the Wall: Nancy Sinatra
Maggie’s Farm: Solomon Burke
Detroit Breakdown: The Bellrays
My Nutmeg Phantasy: Macy Gray

The Rose: Mudhoney
I’m Just Waiting For My Man: Lou Reed (12-26-72)
Du Ska Inte Tro Att Det Ordnar Sig: Dungen
Lemon Jelly 1: Ministry of Sound
Mistral: Loscil
Sunroof: People Under The Stairs

Sing Sing: J. Edgar Hoover: Kronos Quartet
Girl Let Me Touch You There: Dr. Octogonocologist

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