A Season In Hell #23: EEEK! A Mouse Trap!

Tuesday, February 5, 8am

DJ icecreamlopez invited down my old friend and creator of the Life-Size Mouse Trap: Mark Perez, and his delightful fiance Rose Harden Monday night. They’re throwing a FUNdraiser for the Mouse Trap this Sunday night, 9-2am at Amnesia on Valencia st. in SF.

We talked all things Mouse Trap, including the history and the recent month long trip to Texas, where they set the behemoth up at the Makers Fair.

Head down to the show this Sunday, and be a patron of the arts. Also, check out their website here. You can also go here for more info about the FUNdraiser.

You can download the show here.

The first hour featured a 30 minute mix by Subgenius DJ Reverend X-ister. I was impressed. It was his first time on the radio, having only done podcasting before. Look out KROB, this guy is talented.

Speaking of KROB, he will be joining me on Monday night, February 18th, when the Great Ivan Stang, founder of the Church of the Subgenius will be making his triumphant return to the Pirate Cat Radio airwaves. Stang, along with Reverend Howland Owll, KROB and Puzzling Evidence were on my show in December and made it a very memorable night. Tune in on the 18th to see if we can top that one.

KROB will be joining me the following week, February the 25th as well, as we partake on a four hour journey of sound collage. We’re calling this episode A Season in Hell: Guns or Butter? Well, which is it? Tune in and vote.

Speaking of voting, today is Super Tuesday, so get out and vote.

That is all.

Play list for A Season in Hell #23:

I Love Livin’ In The City: Danko Jones
King Heroin: Funky Four

Reverend X-ister Set:

Track One: Fun & Excitement Mix
DJ Qbert: Wave Twisters
Jerry Goldsmith: Barnaby Jones Theme

Track Two: Intro by Alan Waits
Devo: We Are Here To Go

Track Three: KLF: Witchita Lineman Was A Song I Once Heard
Richard Dawkins: The God Delusion

Track Four: Dolomites: Hauling In The Slack

Track Five: Living By Chronic

Track Six: Kode 9 & The Space Ape: Backwards

Track Seven: DJ Mayonnaise: ?
Boyd “Doc” Britton: Francis E. Dec Rant

Track Eight: Reverend X-ister: Judges 19, 22-30

Track Nine: Alan Colmes: Interviews US Senate hopeful Merrill Keiser Jr. (D-OH)

Track Ten: Dean Martin: Ain’t That A Kick In The Head

Back To John Hell:

I Don’t Know: Blues Brothers
River Deep, Mountain High: Ike and Tina Turner (01-19-75)
You Go To Move: RL Burnside

Hoochie Coochie Man: Muddy Waters (11-04-76)
Boogie Chillin’: John Lee Hooker: (03-11-93)
Cold Shot: Stevie Ray Vaughn (12-31-86)

Interview with Rose Hardin and Mark Perez of Life Size Mouse Trap

I Was Made For Loving You: Kiss
Toodle My Hookil: Morning 40 Federation
Opa Cupa: Brass Menazeri Balkan Brass Band

Interview with Rose Hardin and Mark Perez of Life Size Mouse Trap

Arkansas Killing Time: Pine Box Boys
Where Do I Go? Loop! Station
Track 3: Sean Lee

Interview with Rose Hardin and Mark Perez of Life Size Mouse Trap

DJ icecreamlopez set:

Whiskey and Beer: That Damn Band
Bring Back The Apocalypse: Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Come To Daddy: Aphex Twin
Not Enough Winter: Datri Bean

Midnight Bicycle Mystery: Deerhoof
This Ain’t No Fucking Polka: Esmerelda Strange
My Wild Irish Rose: Irish Drinking Songs
Never Can Say Goodbye: Jackson Five

Back to John Hell:

Thirsty Land: Angel in Heavy Syrup
Woman’s Best Friend: Karen Findley
The Fast Life: David Murray Octet

Volunteered Slavery: Rhasaan Roland Kirk
A Deal, Part 2: Christy Doran’s New Bag
Konono #1

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