A Season In Hell #29: What? You Again?

Monday, April 7, 9pm

Tonight on the show, I, once again, invited Ragi the Lawyer to come down. He has been on four times in the last six weeks. He came down last week, when I stayed home, sick. Thanks Ragi. Anyway, he came in tonight to talk about renter’s rights; especially in case of a fire. We actually took one call. Good for him!

Katy Bell came by, celebrating her birthday. Happy Birthday Katy! We had a KROB moment and then she was off again. If you’ve been to the Power Tool Drag Races, you know Katy as our Flag Girl. She also produced the Mark Growden benefit, which I MCd just over a week ago.

I’ve really been keen on this new format idea. The first hour is an interview, the second
is new music, the third is specialty genres, the fourth will toss you into dreamland, either calmly and sweetly, or kicking a screaming. You be the judge. I’d like your suggestions about music and genres for the third and fourth hours.

I love hosting a four hour show. Two hours is not nearly enough. I’ve been in radio for 20 years now, and I look at it as an art form. Taking two or more sources of sound and mixing them together, either end to end, or throughout; it’s the art of the segue.

Go here to download the show. I’m very pleased with the set starting with Sonic Reducer, by Rocket from the Tombs. Tell me what you think.



I Love Livin’ In The City: Danko Jones
She Watch Channel Zero: Public Enemy

Alcohol: Gogol Bordello
Bury Our Sins: Eric McFadden

Give Me Wine or Money: The Mekons
Bukowski: Modest Mouse
Time Has Told Me: Nick Drake

Ragi the Lawyer

I’ve Been Everywhere: Johnny Cash
How To Speak Hip, Part One
Charlie Parker: Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen
KC Blues: Charlie Parker

Untitled: Radio Moscow
Blessed Black Wings: High On Fire

Interview with Larnie Fox of Crank Ensemble

Sonic Reducer: Rocket From The Tombs
Maximum Protection: Mort Kridel Advertising Agency
Get It On: Kramer
FCC Station Identification: Cary Grant
How Babies Are Made: Christopher Recordings on Sex Instruction
2 Drunk 2 Fuck: Avenue D
The Session: Karen Finley

Peace Frog/Blue Sunday: The Doors
Take a Stress Pill: Turn Me on Dead Man
Gimme Shelter: Grand Funk Railroad

Zodiac: Melvins
California Uber Alles: Jello Biafra and the Melvins (10-31-04-Slims, SF, CA)
Kill the Poor: Dead Kennedy’s (12-13-82-Stuttgart, GR)
No Pussy Blues: Grinderman

Capitalism Stole My Virginity: The International Noise Conspiracy
The Hidden Garden/Naima: Material
Loran’s Dance: Idris Muhammad

Thursday Miles: Miles Davis

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