A Season in Hell #33: Addi is Unpopable

Monday, May 12, 7pm

Click here to download this great show!!!! Seriously, I had so much fun interview the Balloonatic, Addi. I’ve know Addi for 20 years. We did radio at KFJC, when he was Andy Cadavar, and I was the Reverend Dah Wave. So many great stories.

Assi and his friend Charlie traveled the world together, placing extravagant baloon hats on people’s heads and taking pictures to prove it. Amazing is all I can say. Addy is an interesting, interested, talented, and creative individual. I could have interviewed him the entire four hours, but there was too much good music to play tonight. Included in the good music, is Addi’s own band, Unpopable. It features Henry Bermudez on guitar, and Addi on the Balloon Bass. You read correctly.

Take a look at their website here.
Take a look at their myspace here.
Take a look at Addi’s youtube site here.

Addi also played live balloon bass solo in the studio this evening.

Play list for Week #33:

Do It: Henry Rollins

Grow Your Own Fucking Mustache, Asshole: The Wet Secrets

Bananas: Free Kitten

Sababa: Unpopable
Carney’s Asada: Unpopable (with Ralph Carney)

Interview with Addi

For Arlo, Part 3: Unpopable (with Money Mark and Danny Frankle)
Oddjob’s Pressing Engagement: Sex Mob
I Like it A Whole lot: Sex Mob (from the Balloon Hat Movie)

Interview with Addi

O’day: The Peekshow
I Am…I Said: Killdozer
Courez Courez: Ermasse

Addi Live

Cry For Me Baby: Elmore James
Improv With Nels: Addi and Nels Cline
Improv 2: Addi, Nels, Gabe
One Upon A Time in the West: Ennio Morricone

Interview with Addi

Aries: Lynx
Invitation to the Blues: Tom Waits (11-21-76)
Baciarach: Masada (04-10-96)
Hotel: Mark Lanegan (10-18-99)

?: Sex Mob with Eyvind Kang and Michael Blake (09-26-96)

Why Does My Head Hurt So: Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan

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