A Season in Hell #35: Rock Fight, Take 2

Monday, May 26, 10am

It's On!!!!

Tonight on A Season in Hell, with John Hell:

I "welcome" back the one and thankfully, only Rotten
Ronnie Donovan, from Firehouse Kustom Posters. Last
December 24th, I kicked the holy hell out of Ron's
already blasphemous ass, in almost six full hours of a
one-on-one live music show down.

It didn't matter what Ron brought, yours truly put him
to rock and roll shame.

Take a look here for the play list from last December.

From 8-midnight tonight, on Pirate Cat Radio, listen
while John Hell and Ron Donovan assault the airwaves
with some of the best live music you have never heard
before. All you favorite groups will be there.

See the Firehouse website here, featuring Chuck
Sperry's work.

See Ron's page here.

Pirate Cat Radio is live and loud on 87.9FM in SF &
LA, 104.8FM in Berlin; online at

See you on the radio.


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