A Season in Hell is on Sabatical

Thursday, June 5, 8pm

I’m taking a little time off from the radio thing right now. The summer is just about here, and I want to get a little travel in, before the fall semester begins. Many of you know that along with doing radio, I’m also a high school social studies teacher in San Francisco.

Don’t be saddened by my departure from Pirate Cat Radio. I shall return. This time in the form of ice molecules in a drink of my choice. And of course, Pirate Cat Radio will continue on as well. You can always tune in online here, or on the FM in SF & LA at 87.9, or in Berlin at 104.8FM.

Thanks for your great support over the last year. My passion is radio, and turning my listeners on to something they have never heard before, or never heard in the style I bring it to them in. Did that make any sense? Never mind.

What saddens me the most, is after I stepped away from my show the new Free Kitten and the new Mudhoney were released. Check them out. I’m loving them both.

You can always check out my MySpace page here.

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