A Season in Hell #24: Radio Valencia: Just you and I

Monday, January 31, 7pm

It’s been a while since I’ve been alone with you. I’ve missed your touch, the way you taste, the way you feel. Let’s take it real slow tonight, baby.

Listen here.

Roustabout: Elvis Presley
She Watch Channel Zero: Public Enemy
Home Affairs: Osibisa

Buenos Tardes Amigo: Ween
Aquarian Time: Wooden Shijps

Cocaine Blues: Johnny Cash
Messin’ With The Kid: Junior Wells & The Aces
5-Piece Chicken Dinner->Lookin’ Down the Barrel of a Gun: Beastie Boys
Peace Frog->Blue Sunday: The Doors

Constipation Blues: Hawkins, Screamin’ Jay
Hama: Boris

A Kiss to Build a Dream on: Louis Armstrong & Band (04-14-62)
I’ll Be Your Lover Too: Van Morrison
Halfway To Danville: Lee Simpson

Cortez the Killer: Neil Young and Crazy Horse (02-07-84)
Tom Violence: Sonic Youth (08-17-90)

The Catholics Are Attacking: Pop-O-Pies
My Way: Frank Sinatra
Derelicts of Dialect: Third Bass

Goin’ Out West: Tom Waits

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