Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary on A Season in Hell Monday at 8PM

Monday, February 10, 6pm

1690399_290546854430400_2031086367_nMaybe it’s because I just love LOVE! There’s love in Hell, you know. There’s also a lot of lust too! Therefore as a special Valentines treat for you, my rabid listeners, I offer up a true treat! Polly “Superstar” Whittaker, of SF’s Mission Control and Kinky Salon will be on my show tonight, 8-10PM, talking up her new memoir: “Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary”. She’s taking on the challenge of self-publishing her book, which is full of tales of lust, lechery, romance, and cumming of age in England and San Francisco. Please check out her Kickstarter page here.
Polly will be reading excerpts from her book, and we may even be able to take your calls about the SF Poly community, dating, BDSM; just name your kink, and it’s I bet she’ll have a tasty response.

I also have tickets to give away for the upcoming Melvin Seals/Jerry Garcia Band show happening this Saturday night at the Great American Music Hall. Listen for your time to call in and win!

There’s too much fun to be had tonight!!!

See you on the radio.

John Hell

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