Hell’s Kitchen Radio #411: Too Much Of The Good Stuff

Sunday, November 1, 2pm

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This is a quirky show. Just take a look at the play list. I’m all over the place! But that’s why you tune in. You just can’t put Hellboy in a corner.

You’re voting, right? Seriously, I don’t care if you have to break out of jail, VOTE! And tell everyone you know to vote. Our democracy is slipping away. You don’t want this orange buffoon in charge anymore. He doesn’t know and isn’t interested in how our institutions work. It would be one thing if he did, and he systematically tore them down, as Republicans will do. This idiot doesn’t even know what the Constitution says, and he’s proud of it. 

Toss him out, November 3rd (well actually January 20th, but I’m not going to split any hairs here).

Take a deep breath and listen to some music.

Brand new music from KnightressM1Glitter WizardOh Sees, and FUZZ!!!!!



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Fairies Wear Boots: Glitter Wizard
Gong of Catastrophe: Oh Sees

Time Collapse: FUZZ
Then Again: Psychic Temple (ft. Dream Syndicate)
Candyman (alternate take): Grateful Dead

Ice Cream Man: Van Halen
Ice Cream Man: Tom Waits
Drown In My Own Tears: Ray Charles
My Son Jim: People Like Us

Round and Round: OP8
Let’s Go Away For A While: Beach Boys

How To Speak Hip: John Close and John Brent
We Free Kings: Roland Kirk

The High Road: Broken Bells
Wake Up The Sun: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Dream a Little Dream of Me: Zee Avi

Lock and Key: KnightressM1
Morro Morro Land: Lightning Bolt
Barbarian: Electric Wizard

The Talking Horse: Melvins (October 19, 2006, Black Cat, Washington, DC)
Ice Cream Man: John Brim

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