Hell’s Kitchen Radio #423: Is It Safe To Come Out Yet?

Friday, January 29, 1pm

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Sometimes I have to forgive myself if I’m just not feeling it. You know what I mean? We’ve been home for over ten months now, and the COVID wall is real, people. It’s real! My day starts with my three old son climbing into bed with my wife and me. I’m the one who has the elbows in the face, the knee in the gut, the hot breath up my nose. Most weekdays I get him up, dressed, pack his food, and off to daycare (with very strict protocols for COVID, thank you very much). 

Then I come home and get ready to teach. You know I’m a high school teacher, right? Don’t even get me started about that. I love my work; it’s never dull, but COVID has really put a damper on things. Poor kids. I also have a high school junior in the house: Little Lauson Hell, who you have met on this show many times over the years. I’m actually really proud of her. Her academics remain high, but it’s her emotional fortitude that I’m more proud of. She keeps it together better than most adults I know.

As a teacher my work day doesn’t really end, but since Mrs. Hell’s job is more demanding (corporate work often is, if only because of the threat of the big boss man), I have to go pick up young Mr. Hell from daycare, bring him home, cook for him, and prepare him for bed. The fabulous Mrs and I alternate bedtimes with him, but by the time he lays down I’m spent.

This leaves little space for any downtime. 

This is why I look forward to Monday nights with you. It’s my only true creative outlet these days. So when I get a late start like I did on this show, it takes the winds out of my sails a wee bit. I brought it back up pretty quickly however, as we setlist below will show. It’s the banter that’ll keep you coming back (or drive you away in droves). 

Dissonance, punk, metal, glam, hip hop, funk, Afro-funk, and more to whet your whistle. Tell ’em John Hell sent you.



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Ball and Chain: Big Mama Thornton (February 23, 1973, Cambridge, MA)

Boots: Destroy All Monsters
The Blessing of the Dawn Source: Sproton Layer
Car Crash: The Avengers

Deuce: Redd Kross
Goin’ Blind: KISS
Station To Station: Melvins

TVC15: David Bowie
The Cactus: 3rd Bass
Godfather of Funk: Schoolly D
Telephone Girl: Assagai

I’m A Greedy Man: James Brown
Night Time Is The Right Time: Aretha Franklin
Knock Yourself Out: Tower of Power

No Lies: Peruvatwinz
Emma: Hot Chocolate
Alta: Ty Segall and the Freedom Band
Small Man, Big Mouth: Minor Threat

I Shot All The Birds: Blind Shake
American Flag: Cat Power
Van Occupanther: Midlake

Sweat Leaf: Brownout
I Bid You Goodnight: Joseph Spence and the Pinder Family

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