Hell’s Kitchen Radio #463: Chip Off The Hell Block

Monday, January 24, 11am

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Nothing brings me greater joy than to share my love of music and radio with my wonderful daughter, Lauson. She’s my dream girl, literally. She came to me in a dream a few years before she was conceived and told me her name. She even spelled it for me. It was a seven year old version of her, all with the curly hair she was graced with. I woke up, looked at her mother and said “we’re going to have a daughter named Lauson. L.A.U.S.O.N.”. She replied “we’re having kids?”. We chose not to know the sex of the baby before she was born, but I already knew it was Lauson headed our way.

Lauson first joined me on Radio Valencia when she was 10 years old, ten years ago! I think this was Lauson’s 15th time on with me. Links to her previous episodes are below. I’ve marked all of her song choices. It’s really interesting to see where my influence started and where hers took off. She’s got an excellent ear for many genres. I couldn’t be more proud. How is she a senior in high school already? 

Do I dream of her walking into her college radio station and blowing them all away? Of course I do. I also refuse to live vicariously through my children. She does have a pretty good airname though. And really, can you imagine what her peers would think when they hear she’s been involved in community radio since she was 7? HA! Ok ok ok, I’ll stop now.

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Dholak Gheet: The Family of Apostolic
Somebody To Love: Kalyanji Anandji
Cold Sweat: Bernard Purdie

Why? (The King of Love is Dead): Nina Simone
River Deep Mountain High: Ike and Tina – L
The Sky Is Crying: Sonny Boy Williamson

Lady Grinning Soul: David Bowie – L
Wake Up Alone: Amy Winehouse – L
Listening to Music: A Child’s Garden of Grass
Basically Frightened: Col. Bruce Hampton and Animal Rescue Unit

Be Ever Wonderful: Ted Taylor – L
Duckworth: Kendrick Lamar – L
Run Run Run: White Fence

Late Nights and Heartbreak: Hannah Williams and the Affirmations – L
Savoy Truffle: The Beatles – L
Hypocrisy: Millie Jackson

I Gotta Find Peace of Mind: Lauren Hill – L
Whisper to Me: Cecile Campbell
High and Lonesome: Robert Plant and Alison Krause

Working for the Knife: Mitzky – L
When I Paint My Masterpiece: The Band

We Gotta Get Outta This Place: The Animals
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

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