Hell’s Kitchen Radio #476: No Reward Without Hell

Thursday, May 19, 9pm

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How many ways am I supposed to say it, you do not get nearly enough good music in your diet. I want you to promise that if I drop off the face of this Earth, that you are going to commit to listening to quality music on the daily. And you need to mix it up. You can’t just stay with the same genre, you know? My suggestion, when you go record shopping and you purchase three or more records make at least one from a genre you aren’t used to. Trust me, it’s a great way to build your collection while broadening your horizons.

I know that my international collection was built in this way. And I never would have discovered the richness of African Funk if I didn’t stick to this method. And one artist leads to another, and one unheard of genre leads to another. My dad always said there’s no reward in life without risk. I have always taken that to heart, in ways I’m not ready to discuss on this blog. I can attest to the fact that taking a risk on music is always a good thing. Except that hair metal band, Cinderella. There was no redeeming qualities in that band, none. Winger either. Nope. Sorry. None.

As for this show right here, I think the sets speak for themselves. I was in a real dance mood in the first few sets; really funky. If you haven’t heard Mdou Moctar, then you haven’t heard one of the all-time greatest guitarist there is, alive or dead. Seriously, he’s up there with Hendrix and Van Halen. There’s new music from Japan’s Kikagaku Moyo, who are on their final tour right now. A show I cannot attend because I’m going to be in Yosemite. Lucky me. I gave tickets away in the second hour to Diane Coffee. You really need to check them out. The entire lineup is in the last half hour.

Lots of new music for you that isn’t much of a risk. Perhaps I need to get a bit more edgy next week? Tune in.



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Give It Up Or Turn It Loose (Remix): James Brown
The Hands of Time: The Perfect Circle

Funeral Solution: Oh Sees
See You In The Boneyard: The Flesh Eaters

Gnekelhe Mohi: Orchestre Massako
Lungs: John Abercrombie

Chrismiten: Mdou Moctar
Over and Out: Sex Mob

Monaka: Kikagaku Moyo
Fulton Street: Eddie Gale

Salt Peanuts: Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Max Roach, Bud Powell, Charles Mingus
Do Not Go Gentle Into the Good Night: Iggy Pop

When My Day of the Crone Comes: Brigid Dawson
Before I Ask: Negativland
Secrets: King Crimson

Forecast: Diane Coffee
Get Out: Jackie Cohen
Chestburster: Mary Claire

Pick A Bale of Cotton: Taj Mahal and Ry Cooder
In That Great Getting Up In The Morning: The New Gospel Keys

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