Hell’s Kitchen Radio #478: My Mouth, Your Ears

Wednesday, June 8, 12pm

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Following that live Black Sabbath from 1970 I played during my Live Bootleg Bonanza, I just had to keep the feeling moving. This show is mostly loud and in your gut, with a couple of tunes in there to let you catch your breath.

Check out new music from The Bobby Lees ( I love this band), Ty Segall (you already know how I feel about him), Iggy Pop (the greatest love of all), Kikagaku Moyo (they’re coming back to the Bay!!!), and Le Butcherettes (when will Teri Genderbender return???). 

I feel you feelin’ me, so we’ve got that goin’ on, which is good. 

In the meantime, sit back relax, open your mind, and get ready to be punched in the earholes the way you like it. 

Tune in each Monday, 8-10PM PDST. I always have tickets to give away to a local show. You really need to get out more often.

Enjoy and please share.


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Black Sabbath: Flower Travelin’ Band
Love You To Death: The Darts

Dig Your Hips: The Bobby Lees
Broken Hands: Mudhoney

Shakey Jake: Joe McPhee
Bodies: Sex Pistols

Hello, Hi: Ty Segall
Trouble In Mind: Mavis Staples and Levon Helm
Gettin’ Hard: Death Valley Girls

Dirty Sanchez: Iggy Pop
Reach For The Sunn: Meatbodies
Yayoi Iyayoi: Kikagaku Moyo

No Time For The Blues: OBN IIIs
Never Look Back: Night Beats
Full Reverse: Acid King

Fuck Bobby: Buzzed Lightbeer
Garbageman: The Cramps
The Universe: Le Butcherettes

Memories are for Losers: Dark Carnival
Coma Girl: Joe Strummer

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