Hell’s Kitchen Radio #479: Golden Psych And Roll

Tuesday, June 14, 5pm

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I don’t know what got into me but whatever it was I just had to get it out during this show. It’s almost exclusively from the golden era of psych and rock and roll from the late 60s until about 1974. And it’s a mix of European, Middle Eastern, and Latin American bands. Thee Oh Sees and Dungen are both in there so you can hear their influences. This was such a fun show to put together, I think you’ll enjoy each tune. 

I’m guessing you haven’t heard of most of these bands. I talk them up between sets, so if you’re looking for any info, listen up! It’s a safe bet I haven’t played 85% of these artists on my show, ever. And I’m talking since my start in 1988. OK, maybe 75%. Oh wait, 65%?

I also gave tickets away to another epic upcoming show at the Bottom of the Hill in SF. If you live in the Bay Area and you want to go see a show, you should be tuned into Radio Valencia regularly. Many of our shows have tickets to give to you! Or you! Or maybe even you!

Enjoy and please share.


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Everyday Monday: Laghonia
Gelatinous Cube: Thee Oh Sees

Burning Sister: Amon Duul II
Stadsvandringar Del 2: Dungen
Haliç’te Güneşin Batışı: Mogollar

Thlah Cinta Berlalu: Koes Barat
Church of Anthrax: John Cale and Terry Riley
Canim Kurban: 3 Hur-El

Little Hands: Skip Spence
Psychedelic Weapons: Alejandro Jodorwsky

Transparent Radiation: Red Crayola
No Good Trying: Syd Barrett

Kobaia: Magma
The Good Mr. Square/She Was Tall, She Was High: The Pretty Things

I Hate You: The Monks
The Whip: Frantics
Flameout: 101 Strings Orchestra
A Million Grains of Sand: Freak Scene

Two Sisters: The Kinks
Poor Moon: Canned Heat
Apocalipsis: Vox Dei

Love Is A Feeling: Public Nuisance
Magica: Os Mutantes

Egyptian Kings: Brainticket
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

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