Hell’s Kitchen Radio #481: Take The High Road

Wednesday, July 13, 10am

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Wow, this radio thing is kinda fun. Since I attended Mosswood Meltdown, July 2nd and 3rd, I decided to take last week off. Did you miss me? What do you mean no?

Taking a week off means that I have even more new music to share with you this week! 

If you tune in regularly, then you know my show is all over the place. I play what moves me, hoping it moves you too. New music from Podium, Shannon Shaw, and Ty Segall. There’s a lot that’s new to you, including a Neil Young Archives release, “Toast” from 2001. I also had tickets to give away for an upcoming Bottom of the Hill show. I played music from the three acts performing that night.

Tune in regularly for your chance to win tickets to local shows. 

The Radio Valencia studio is looking better each week: new paint job and soundproofing. And now we have our equipment in tip-top shape. But we still need you. This is an out-of-pocket venture. Bringing you great programming is our mission, and we can really use your help. Please consider donating to Radio Valencia by going to our PayPal (we are financially sponsored by SF IndieFest) and throwing a few bones our way. Every dime is spent on station needs (rent and equipment mostly). I thank you in advance.

Now, go check out the playlist below, click on the link above and enjoy the show.


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This Is Madness: The Last Poets
Take Your Medicine/Meddle with Metal: Czarface and MF Doom

I Wish You Would: Billy Boy Arnold
She Left Me With A Mule To Ride: Big Joe Williams

Centrate: Podium
Blues Theme: Davie Allen and the Arrows
She’s A Woman: Jeff Beck

Broke My Own: Shannon Shaw
Silent Season: Golden Void
One Step Ahead: Big John Patton

Goin’ Home: Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Poptones: PIL

Don’t Lie: Ty Segall
Gyre: Meatbodies

Carnival: Bikini Kill
No Fair: Wipers
Mad Moth: The Bobby Lees

United States of Chemicals: The Criticals
Don’t Let It Be Me: VEERS

Zombie: Weekend Youth
GFY: Amyl and the Sniffers
Teengenerate: The Dictators

Amazona: Roxy Music
In That Great Getting Up In The Morning: The New Gospel Keys

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