Hell’s Kitchen Radio #482: You Had Me At Love Whip

Tuesday, July 19, 7pm

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A very inspired show tonight. Maybe it’s the great music I’ve been listening to that I couldn’t wait to share with you? Maybe it’s the fact that I had a lot of time to choose my music before my show? Maybe it was the many people who came in and out of the studio and I really wanted to play some great music for them as well? Whatever the reason, this was a great show to host.

There’s some psychabilly, psychedelia, funk, soul, folk, retro, goth, prog, jazz, classic rock, and even a dirty old one man band!

Hot damn, there’s a lot for everyone here. Try that, Spotify! And you know what, they can’t. Even Shazam gets stumped by some of what I play. That’s what’s so great about non-commercial community radio! You have hosts that know the music, not some algorithm that is programmed to tell you what to like. Do you know that program directors at commercial radio stations are now using Spotify to help them program their stations? Where’s the human touch? 

Radio Valencia brings the human touch in spades! 

The Radio Valencia studio is looking better each week: new paint job and soundproofing. We’re getting our logo on the awning out front next week! Thanks to our engineering team (aka: JazzNazz) we have the turntables and CD players working better than ever! But we still need you. This is an out-of-pocket venture. Bringing you great programming is our mission, and we can really use your help. Please consider donating to Radio Valencia by going to our PayPal (we are financially sponsored by SF IndieFest) and throwing a few bones our way. Every dime is spent on station needs (rent and equipment mostly). I thank you in advance.

Enjoy and please share.


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Love Whip: Reverend Horton Heat
Some Velvet Morning: Vanilla Fudge

Move Your Hand: Lonnie Smith
I Wanna Be Free: New York Underground Funk Band

Venomous Dogma: Fantastic Negrito
Only Son Of The Ladiesman: Father John Misty
Cold Pillows: Shannon Shaw

Said Goodbye To That Car: Marissa Nadler
Fever Dreams: Scott H Biram
Man’s World: Crow Jane

Odd Octubree: brandUn DeShay (ft. Tyler the Creator, Casey Veggies, MF Doom)
Blue Jay Way: The Beatles
Les Vents: Population II

Friday Morning: Khruangbin
Loran’s Dance: Idris Muhammad
Darkest Light: Lafayette Afro Rock Band

Madman Across The Water (Piano Demo): Elton John

The Creole Love Call: Roland Kirk
Zombie: CW Stoneking
What A Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

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