Hell’s Kitchen Radio #483: Internationally Known

Wednesday, July 27, 10am

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What do you get when your host has one kid on vacation and the other in daycare all day? You get a very well-prepared program, that’s what you get. I normally have a vague idea of how I want my show to go. I listen to music all of the time, so I always know about 25% of the songs I really want to share with you, leading into a show. I bring plenty with me, so it’s all about having the experience of what artist or genre may match up with what I am currently playing (let’s see Spotify really do that well!). This past week I’ve had a lot more time on my hands to listen to a bunch of vinyl that has needed my attention.

I also went to see Melvins last week, with Helms Alee opening. What an inspiring show that was! This program is more loud than normal. You get some fine sludge and doom, but you’re also going to get some fine angular post-punk, psych, jazz, and more. New music from Helms Alee, Othered, and Ty Segall. That’s why you tune in, and I thank you for that. I really do. 

Take a look at the playlist below, click the link above to stream, and share with your music-loving friends.

The Radio Valencia studio is looking better each week: new paint job and soundproofing. We’re getting our logo on the awning out front next week! Thanks to our engineering team (aka: JazzNazz) we have the turntables and CD players working better than ever! But we still need you. This is an out-of-pocket venture. Bringing you great programming is our mission, and we can really use your help. Please consider donating to Radio Valencia by going to our PayPal (we are financially sponsored by SF IndieFest) and throwing a few bones our way. Every dime is spent on station needs (rent and equipment mostly). I thank you in advance. 



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Hag Me: Melvins
Dragonaut: Sleep

Tripping Up The Stairs: Helms Alee
Matazoa: Boris

Focus Pocus: Big Business
Kill The Badger!: William S. Burroughs
Redless: Otherered
Mars for the Rich: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Looking At You: Ty Segall
I Shot All The Birds: Blind Shake

Teenage Riot: Sonic Youth
Hands: Lithics
Gut The Quantifier: The Fall

Marlene Dietrich: black midi
Ce n’est Rēve: Population II

N.I.B.: Jazz Sabbath
I’ve Got The Death Energy: Nudity

Bloody Hammer: Roky Erickson
Hell Broke Luce: Tom Waits

Holiday: The Kinks

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