Ferrara’s Enchanted Jukebox 02 – 25 August 2011

Sunday, October 2

This week’s edition of Ferrara’s Enchanted Jukebox took the place of Cold Ones And Rolled Ones, as I subbed for that show’s regular host Ami LawLess (and will do it again for her in two weeks, while she’s out on some sort of sea cruise). Since Ami’s program is all about punk, hardcore and metal, I tried to focus on that kind of stuff, insofar as I have examples of those genres in my music library (not so much metal or hardcore, but a fair amount of old-school punk). And since variety is the spice of like, I added generous helpings of easy listening treasures as the surprise ingredient. It was fun pulling all of these disparate threads together, and I look forward to doing it again two Thursdays from tonight, when I’ll shine a spotlight on Iggy and the Stooges in observance of their two shows at the Warfield next month.

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The playlist gives artist name, song title, and album title (in that order). A space between lines of text indicates the break between sets where track announcements were made.

Playlist for Ferrara’s Enchanted Jukebox 02 – 25 August 2011

  • Petula Clark – The Little Shoemaker – Her Greatest Hits
  • Chaotic Dischord – Fuck Off And Die – Their Greatest Fuckin’ Hits
  • Metal Urbain – Panik – L’Age d’Or
  • The Vibrators – Petrol – Pure Mania
  • Chaotic Dischord – I Am The Sturgeon – Now! That’s What I Call A Fuckin’ Racket (Vol. 1)
  • Ultravox! – Fear In The Western World – Ha!-Ha!-Ha!
  • Richard Hell & The Voidoids – New Pleasure – Blank Generation
  • The Stranglers – I Feel Like A Wog – No More Heroes
  • Oxbow – Burn – King Of The Jews
  • Diamanda Galas – Double-Barrel Prayer – You Must Be Certain Of The Devil
  • Coil – The Spoiler – Scatology
  • Metal Urbain – Hysterie Connective – L’Age d’Or
  • Les Baxter – Pantan – The Exotic Moods Of Les Baxter
  • Beaver & Krause – A Real Slow Drag – All Good Men
  • The Johnny Mann Singers – Heart Full Of Soul – Ultra-Lounge: On The Rocks, Part Two (Compilation)
  • The Munich Philharmonic Orchestra – Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) – The Munich Philharmonic Orchestra Plays ABBA Classic
  • Johnny Mathis – Small World – Chances Are: 20 Original Hits (1957-60)
  • Scott Walker – Where Does Brown Begin – Stretch
  • Coil – The Sewage Worker’s Birthday Party – Scatology
  • Mary And The Boy – Bobby Peru – Untitled (Demo)
  • Oxbow – Bull’s Eye – Fuckfest
  • Stu Phillips – Tired Of Waiting For You – Ultra-Lounge: On The Rocks, Part One (Compilation)
  • Francis Lai – Vivre Pour Vivre (Instrumental) – Vivre Pour Vivre / Un Homme Et Une Femme (Original Soundtrack)
  • Chaotic Dischord – Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck The Lot Of You – Their Greatest Fuckin’ Hits
  • The Pop Group – Thief Of Fire – Y
  • The Screamers – Punish Or Be Damned (Live At Mabuhay Gardens, 9/2/78) – In A Better World
  • The Screamers – If I Can’t Have What I Want (I Don’t Want Anything) – Demos 1977-78
  • Lizzy Mercier Descloux / Rosa Yemen – Rosa Vertov – Press Color
  • The Stranglers – Goodbye Toulouse – IV / Rattus Norvegicus
  • Mary And The Boy – Milkshake – Untitled (Demo)
  • Chaotic Dischord – Chainsaw Disasters (A Poem) – Goat Fuckin Virgin Killerz From Hell!
  • Buzzcocks – I Love You, You Big Dummy – Time’s Up
  • Chaotic Dischord – Anarchy In Woolworth’s – Now! That’s What I Call A Fuckin’ Racket (Vol. 1)
  • The Fall – Cruisers Creek – This Nation’s Saving Grace
  • The Fall – An Older Lover, Etc – Slates

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