Mindtrain 17 – 22 November 2011

Tuesday, November 22

One year ago this week I awoke on a clear, chilly Thanksgiving morning, turned on my computer and logged in to to discover with shock and dismay that Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson had passed away in his sleep the previous night at his home in Bangkok. This week’s Mindtrain was loosely dedicated to the memory of this most seminal and influential Industrial musician, graphic designer and video director. Sleazy was a genius of musical production and pioneer in the art of sampling and programming procedures in experimental electronic music, beginning with his membership in Throbbing Gristle in 1975 and continuing on in the 1980s with his involvement in Psychic TV and his own long-running duo Coil with his late partner John Balance (whose death by accident in 2004 put an end to the band). After Coil, Sleazy moved to Thailand and remained busy and inventive, putting out a couple recordings each by the late projects SoiSong and The Threshold Houseboys Choir. Rather than ever compromise his own musical efforts, he made his bread and butter as a graphic designer with the British Hipgnosis firm in the 1970s and then as a music and commercial video director during the 80s and 90s.

The program featured about an hour’s worth of selections from Coil’s extensive discography, along with a variety of music old and new which evoked themes of departure, loss and separation as I remembered one of my favorite musicians. I played new music by Brian Eno, Haujobb and Suzanne Vega, alongside older releases from Lou Reed, Brainticket, Matching Mole, Keiji Haino, Red House Painters and others.

And with our newly improved podcast system I have capture the full four and a quarter hours of the show on my podcasts page, for those of you who chose not to stay up all night for the live broadcast.

Listen To The Podcast

The playlist gives artist name, song title, and album title (in that order). A space between lines of text indicates the break between sets where track announcements were made.

Playlist for Mindtrain 17 – 22 November 2011

  • Scott Walker – Farmer In The City – Tilt
  • Haujobb – New World March – New World March
  • Brian Eno & Rick Holland – Watch A Single Swallow In A Thermal Sky, And Try To Fit Its Motion, Or Figure Why It Flies – Panic Of Looking
  • Matching Mole – Gloria Gloom – Little Red Record
  • Brian Eno & Rick Holland – Panic Of Looking – Panic Of Looking
  • Cyclobe – Replaced By His Constellation – The Visitors
  • Psychic TV – I’m Making A Mirror – Themes 4: Lady Jaye
  • Illusion Of Safety – The False Mirror / Seven Years Later – The False Mirror
  • Lizzy Mercier Descloux / Rosa Yemen – Herpes Simplex – Press Color
  • Suzanne Vega – Language – Close-Up, Vol. 3: States Of Being
  • Pink Industry – What I Wouldn’t Give – New Naked Technology (2010 Remasters)
  • Peter Christopherson – In My Head A Crystal Sphere Of Heavy Fluid – Foxtrot (Compilation)
  • Keiji Haino – Track 8 (Untitled) – Tenshi No Gijinka
  • Brainticket – Egyptian Kings – Celestial Ocean
  • Cast (7) – Sounds And Dialogues – Kosmos: Soundtracks Of Eastern Germany’s Adventures In Space (Compilation)
  • Andrzej Morkowski – Der Schweigende Stern: Meteoritenschwarm – Kosmos: Soundtracks Of Eastern Germany’s Adventures In Space (Compilation)
  • Ruth Hohmann & Erbe Chor – Im Staub Der Sterne: Der Mensch (Part 2) – Kosmos: Soundtracks Of Eastern Germany’s Adventures In Space (Compilation)
  • Harmonia – Sehr Kosmisch – Musik Von Harmonia
  • Antlers Mulm – Filth In Several Styles – Of Withered Sparks
  • Bowery Electric – Fear Of Flying – Beat
  • Red House Painters – Rollercoaster – Red House Painters (Rollercoaster)
  • Beautiful Pea Green Boat – Paper House – Still Life
  • Tactile – Grief – Borderlands
  • Thomas Tallis / Kronos Quartet – Spem In Alium (Sing And Glorify) – Black Angels
  • Muszikas – Hidegen Fujnak A Szelek (Cold Winds Are Blowing) – The Prisoner’s Song
  • Scivias – Momotaro – Eisiges Licht (Compilation)
  • Marek Zebrowski & David Lynch – Night: City Back Street – Polish Night Music
  • Higher Intelligence Agency / Biosphere – Countdown To Darkness (Remix By Craig Morse) – Unreleased
  • Jane Birkin & Bryan Ferry – In Every Dream Home A Heartache – Rendez-Vous
  • Lou Reed – The Bed – Berlin
  • Coil – Remote Viewing 1 – The Remote Viewer
  • Coil – Escalation – The Angelic Conversation
  • Coil – Going Up – The Ape Of Naples
  • Nico & The Faction – Das Lied Von Einsanen Madchens – Camera Obscura
  • Suzanne Vega – Instant Of The Hour After – Close-Up, Vol. 3: States Of Being
  • ELpH vs. Coil – Ended – Worship The Glitch

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