Ferrara’s Haunted Jukebox – 27 October 2011

Friday, October 28

This week’s Thursday Night Wildcard slot served as a special Halloween edition of Ferrara’s Enchanted Jukebox, featuring two hours of dark and morbid, evil, scary music from my own extensive library of industrial, dark ambient and experimental recordings. This was but a teaser for the four-hour Halloween edition of Mindtrain which airs next Monday night at midnight. Included were choice selections by Lustmord, Coil, Diamanda Galas, Current 93, Univers Zero and others.

I’ve always had a special preference for all kinds of dark music, so it was a real pleasure to search through my entire music library to find the most creepy and disturbing tracks by many of my longtime favorite artists. Hopefully some of you will want to download the podcast and archive it for future listening whenever you’re in the mood for something scary…

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The playlist gives artist name, song title, and album title (in that order). A space between lines of text indicates the break between sets where track announcements were made.

Playlist for Ferrara’s Haunted Jukebox – 27 October 2011

  • Diamanda Galas – La Treizieme Revient (The Thirteenth Returns) – Saint Of The Pit
  • Coil – The Hellraiser Theme – Unnatural History II: Smiling In The Face Of Perversity
  • Post Scriptvm – Ruins Of Men – Raspad
  • Pixyblink – 666 On The AM Dial – Ivy
  • NON – Theme From Dark Shadows – Blood & Flame
  • Lustmord – Section 1: Sol Om On – The Place Where The Black Stars Hang
  • Current 93 / Andrew Liles – From Broken Cross, Locusts (Remix) – Dogs Blood Ascending: A Remix By Andrew Liles
  • Diamanda Galas – The Litanies Of Satan – The Litanies Of Satan
  • The Virgin Prunes – Beast – A New Form Of Beauty
  • 400 Lonely Things – Cellar Company – Tonight Of The Living Dead
  • John Watermann – Fourth Shudder Project: The Black Milk Clasp (Clubbing, Tearing, Wrenching, Cutting, Spurting, Boiling, Processing) – Calcutta Gas Chamber
  • Nurse With Wound – Sheela-Na-Gig – Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains
  • Univers Zero – La Faulx – Heresie
  • Nico – Evening Of Light – The Marble Index

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